Which Gaming PC is Better – CyberPowerPC or iBuyPower

So, you’ve decided that you want to play Star Wars Battlefront or Assassin’s Creed in glorious 4K or you are ready to make a leap into virtual reality. But wait, what PC are you going to buy? What graphic card CPU should you get? And what about the tower size and upgradability? Not sure on which PC you should buy? Don’t worry, I am here to help you out.

The best PCs in the world of gaming are CyberPowerPC and iBuyPower.  These both are popular among gaming enthusiasts because of their wide range of quality products. However, the buyers always want the best. So, the most important question that comes to the mind is, which one is the best among both and why?

Here you will find a complete review of the PCs, features, services, and products so that you are able to make the best buying decision.


This is the most popular manufacturer of custom gaming computers and laptops, play station, notebooks and a lot more. This popular gaming computer manufacturer fulfills the need of all customers with their wide range of products which are high on performance and equipped with the latest technology for the best gaming experience. The most popular products provided by CyberPowerPC are Infinity 8800 Pro SE, Pro Streaming 1300, EVGA SC 17 1070 4K. Apart from providing a wide range of products, CyberPowerPC also offers best deals on all products to the customers. You can also buy customized or prebuilt devices at a reasonable price range and offers impeccable customer support with all kind of computer solutions.

Key Features of CyberPowerPC

CyberPowerPC manufactures much interesting range of products with exciting features and prices. These factors have made it unique. Though CberPowerPC offers many features and facilities, here I will discuss the major ones.

  • They provide a wide range of exclusive series of PCs like Creator Pro Series, Hyper Liquid II, Arcus 34, Zeus Mini Evo and Luxe.
  • You can buy various configured gaming PCs from them according to the configuration based on processors. Some of the subcategories are Custom Configurators, Intel X99, Intel X299, Intel Z370, NVIDIA Battle Box, AMD Ryzen and many others.
  • There are various categories of products to choose from based on screen sizes of the PCs and laptops such as 13”, 15”, 17” and 19”.
  • If you want to experience a whole new level of gaming then Syber gaming option is for you. Here you will find Vapor, M-series, C series and Steam Machine products.
  • CyberPowerPC offers wide range of VR gaming machines and is perfect for those who love to play 3D games or virtual reality. All these machines are categorized into few subgroups like Radeon VR ready premium, HTC VR ready and NVIDIA ready.
  • CyberPowerPC also offers a very interesting “Weekly Special” category which contains various business desktops, ready to ship machines and other products with exciting discounts and offers for the customers.

This is all about CyberPowerPC and now let’s talk about another manufacturer of gaming PCs – the iBuyPower.


This is another great manufacturer of gaming PCs and laptops providing hard competition to all gaming PC providers. iBuyPower provides best products and services to their customers and has launched many products based on different aspects and have awesome designs. In addition to this, the PCs or laptops of iBuyPower are equipped with all features and facilities a customer may want for the best gaming experience. Some of the most popular products of iBuyPower are iBuyPower Snowblind Extreme, AMD Ryzen 7X Pro, EVGA SC 17 4K G – SYNC Laptop and various others. The products offered by them have parts from top brands like AMD, Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA, MLG, Asus and various others. Millions of gaming enthusiasts around the world use iBuyPower gaming laptops and computers.

Key Features of iBuyPower

Similar to CyberPowerPC, iBuyPower offers wide range of gaming computers and laptops with various features to attract the customers. They also offer many discounts on their products as well. Here I have listed out the main features which are not common to all products, you can individually check the features of each product they offer.

  • iBuyPower provides high-quality products in-built with leading brands like NVIDIA, Radeon, AMD, Intel, and Asus.
  • They have a signature category which has various PC and laptop options for the customers to choose from. The products include Professional series, Revolt 2, Chimera 5, Element, and Custom Liquid Cooling.
  • The gaming PCs are designed and categorized for the customers on the basis of parts of the devices like Custom Configurator, AMD Ryzen, Intel Z370, Intel X299, Micro ATX and various others. Users have choice to either buy pre-built devices or customize them according to the desired configuration.
  • iBuyPower offers various sub-categories for gaming laptops for the customers to choose from. For example work and play, Asus, MSI, IBP Chimera, EVGA and many more.
  • If you want better-gaming experience then VR ready machines and PlayStation is for you, which is offered at affordable price range.
  • iBuyPower offers the most interesting facility, the “Easy Builder” for the customers to configure their devices with choice of parts like the Processor, RAM, and Hard drives, etc.

These are various features of iBuyPower. After the whole analysis, it comes down to that both are equally good in providing gaming laptops and PCs of almost similar quality. However, CyberPowerPC has more variety of products in comparison to iBuyPower. The best part about iBuyPower according to me is that customers have the power to choose and assemble their own devices. Talking about the price of the gaming PCs and laptops offered by them, there is not much difference, the price is in an affordable range. So, if you are looking for more varieties then CyberPowerPC is good choice, but for good quality products, iBuyPower is best. However, before you by any gaming PC look into design, size, performance, does it supports VR, the ports, and of course the upgradability. There are other PCs and laptops as well which can be used for playing games such as iPads, MacBook, Mac Mini and other Apple products.

Hope this article gives you enough information about these two gaming PCs.

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