Ultrasabers vs Saberforge – Who wins the battle

If you have spent your childhood looking for lightsabers then there are chances that you must have come across saberforge and ultrasabers. These two were the top brands that have produced the most number of lightsabers at times. And if you are looking for one in 2020 as well, then this is where you should start.

Depending on the requirement that you would like your lightsabers to have, you will come across different types of lightsabers. After going through your requirements, there is a high possibility that you will be able to find the best lightsabers for you.

You might find these lightsabers to be expensive, however, if you are good with the toy lightsabers, then you might get one at a reasonable price.

Ultrasabers VS Saberforge

When it comes down to the comparison, you will find that as a collector, saberforge is more suited for you. However, you want to relive your childhood once again and want to have a lightsaber to have a practical use, then you might find  Ultrasabers more appealing. In simple terms, if you want to have a lightsaber just to showcase it then go for the saberforge. And if you want to use it and want to demonstrate some of the lightsabers moves then go for the ultra saber.

Generally, these two names are famous in the lightsaber market. However, there are other lightsabers as well that you can find in the market. For instance, if you are in Europe, you will find vaders vault and Kyber pretty common out there.


Saberforge has been there in the market for quite a long period. It got pretty popular among children. Initially, saber forge was made out for showcasing purposes. People used to buy the saber forge made lightsaber and use to decorate their houses. However, owning a saber forge lightsaber comes with its own pros and cons.


Intriguing detailing: if you’re looking for sabers with the intriguing and sophisticated design then saberforge is what you are looking for. Saberforge pays more attention to the detailed work and uses high-quality material to make one lightsaber.

Long-lasting products: saber forge are known for making high-quality products with the best of the material in the market. Hence, you can be sure if one thing that your lightsaber will last enough for your children to use it again.

High-quality product: Saberforge has been there in the market since the first screening of the star wars. So you can expect to have a good quality of products from a company that has survived the most number of years in the lightsaber industry.


Delivering one takes ages: If you ever go through the delivery status of the other customers, you will find many complaints online. This is because custom sabers can take up to weeks and sometimes a month to be delivered to your doorstep. Hence, if you are in a hurry, or there is an event coming, make sure to order with plenty of time to spare.

Expensive: lightsabers made by saberforge are quite expensive as compared to other lightsabers present in the market. The reason is the high-quality materials used in making customized lightsabers.

Poor customer services: when it comes down to the customer service, I have heard many bad remarks on their customer services. Though I have never been on the receiving end, I still think it is better to highlight it beforehand.


There was a time when the saberforge was the only company that was producing lightsabers. But soon there were competitors who are providing lightsabers at a cheaper price than that of saberforge. Yes, you guess it correctly.  It is the Ultrasabers.

These sabers soon become the center’s attention of gossip in the saber’s market. The reason being the cheap price of their products.  Let’s go through the pros and cons that it holds over the saber forge.


Cheaper: If you are talking about the ultra saber then you can be sure of one thing that they are cheaper than that of saber forge. The reason being the use of low-quality material to reduce the cost of making lightsaber.

Lightweight:  if you are buying a lightsaber for your children then you might look for a lightsaber that is light in weight so that your child can use it effortlessly. And guess what, Ultrasaber are super light.

Intriguing design: Though Ultrasabers is not as stylish and complex detailed as the saberforge, you will still find interesting designs.


Unrealistic design: The design of the ultra saber is not as realistic as compared to that of the saber forge. It has very little minute detailed work.

Lacks longevity: As the products are made with low-quality material to reduce the overall cost of the product, you can expect sturdy lightsaber.

Electronics are of low quality:

The electronics that are used in the ultra sabers are of lower quality. Hence, you might find the color and the light effects a bit out of place.


Overall, these are just my personal opinion which I have for the lightsabers.  Every one ve thor own taste and likes different types of lightsabers. So, find a lightsaber that caters to all your expectation and easily available near you.

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