Six Cutting Edge Technologies Absolutely Necessary for Any Small Business

Twenty-first century technology promises a wide range of benefits to small business managers who use it to guide them and their companies through their startup and growth phases. If you have a head start on the best technologies, your small business can better flourish. The following represents a summary of an argument in favor of small business adopting these six indispensable new technologies.

3D Printing For Small Batch Manufacturing

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that is finally ready for widespread adoption by small businesses and makes small batch manufacturing economically feasible. Commonly used for rapid prototyping, 3D printing is expected to do for small scale manufacturers what the ink jet printer has done for desktop publishing.

Automated Marketing

Organizations that survive in today’s competitive market must embrace best-practice marketing to continue growing. Programs like Vonage’s Telesphere VoIP Solutions use cloud based VoIP to connect communications across small businesses without the need for vendor-specific software and hardware. This automated solution makes it cheap to stay connected and use tools to connect your business. Thanks to modern cloud-based marketing and customer management applications that leverage an organization’s data, small business marketing costs have never been lower.

Integrated Marketing

Today, small business is better at understanding the critical nature of connecting with customers throughout the full sales cycle. Small enterprise managers are seeking out integrated sales and marketing tools that go beyond basic customer management systems. Integration of the sales department’s mobile devices into the primary network is a great way for small business to align their marketing efforts with established financial projections.

Big Data Analytics

Highly advanced and predictive business analysis tools represent a technology that definitely needs to be embraced by small businesses. Complex data mining and analysis systems have been in use by large enterprise for years and these tools prepare and present data in an actionable way. They help guide managers in all decision-making processes and will soon be available to businesses of any size. For example, you can turn location-based data into maps to get a new level of insights into your business.

Unlocking Credit Card Data

Credit card transactions have in them a wealth of valuable demographic data. For years, access was limited to organizations with significant resources. Today, customer intelligence solutions providers can help small business to unlock this information without an enterprise-scale budget and get to know their demographic better.

Remote Collaboration

Among the fastest growing new technologies to grace the global stage are those that leverage local talent positioned in foreign lands for deep collaboration. Well-placed agents abroad understand local cultural norms as well as the business environment. They can help guide management in the development of new marketing methodologies even for small businesses looking to expand. Modern, remote collaboration tools make this possible and new connective technology keep you in touch wherever you are.

Time management is a crucial element no small-business manager can ignore. Finding an additional time that can be spent on more creative activities will yield meaningful results such as the wealth of vital contacts that lead to new business. Advances in modern technologies such as those examined above can provide small business owners with unprecedented opportunities to free up more of their time and money.