Most Common Computer Issues and its resolution

Computer is a machine equipped with hardware that is instructed by program called Software.  As it is made of hardware, so it often goes out of order. The problem may be either hardware related or software related. In this situation, taking help of expert technician is required if you are unable to resolve it yourself. So, before you call a professional tech support provider, learn how you can resolve technical troubles on your own, without losing your comfort spending your hard-earned money.

  • Computer Is Working Too Slow

If your computer runs too slow, you should first find out the main cause of your PC not giving 100% performance. Make certain you have enough space on the hard drive of your system to store all the necessary data. Computer sometimes goes slow due to lacking of space on hard drive, and in that case, you should delete some or all unnecessary items for meeting expected PC performance standards.

To trim down the boot time, make sure you keep your system free from all the non-required applications that are launched automatically.

If you are unable to resolve it, you should take help of any company that provides Computer Support Services in USA.

  • Google Does not look Right

Second important tech support problem is the Google not appearing right. If you find anything mystifying on Google and its relevant search results, make sure you stop your work and verify it. There are many online complaints that target people to redirect on the fake search pages through Google to take their personal information.

  • Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting

What could be the reason for the Wi-Fi disconnections over and over again? Is it the router or your computer? Whatever the reason is, make sure you follow:

  1. Keep your computer system within the expected range of the wireless router. As weak signals have more chances to break time and again.
  2. Check if your computer’s wireless card is having the latest drivers or not.
  3. Let Windows troubleshoot your Wi-Fi issues automatically.


  • Downloads Take Much Time

Improper and slow Internet connection is the main cause of delaying or taking more time of downloading.

For establishing uninterrupted Internet connectivity and having unbeatable downloading experience, make sure you have selected the most trustworthy Internet service provider. With great downloading and uploading speeds, your tasks will be completed within considerable time limits.

Also, remember to minimize inadvertent downloads and uploads running in the background for improving the downloading speed. Check network hardware and reset the modem/ router for accomplishing the aim.

  • PC Keeps On Restarting

As it is not simple to troubleshoot hardware problems without professional support, verify the system is not restarting due to automatic Windows update installation. It is wise to update all essential software (Microsoft Office, Outlook, Lync, antivirus programs, etc.) and system drivers (including motherboard, network cards, graphic cards, etc.) available on your system.

Many times, computer hardware makes weird noises that can be resolved by thorough cleaning of the hardware of your system. Don’t ignore and give special attention if your computer gets overheated due to its long working.

Hopefully, these common tech support tips will be resolved by you without investing huge money on the expensive service plans by technical support companies.

If you are unable to resolve the above mentioned issues yourself, Urtechies is ready 24/7 to help you. Call +1-888-617-9699 for Online PC Support.

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