How To Restart iPhone X?

When you start using an iPhone, everything functions smoothly in the beginning. But, after some time your smartphones requires reboot or restart. This happens with every iPhone introduced till now. If you face any issue with the device, you have to reboot or restart your iPhone.

This issue was named as hard reset among the users. Whatsoever term is utilized for the issue, but the final thought is that you want to come out of the issue when your iPhone stuck somewhere or doesn’t respond. Because of the same reason some people choose to buy refurbished iPhone which has been repaired by Apple technicians after it had been previously returned to the manufacturer due to a defect. A traditional method to restart iPhone is pressing the power and home button for a couple of seconds. The Apple changed this method with the introduction of iPhone X, so that the users have to follow a different approach to restart.

Apple iPhone X introduced in September 2017 and this was claimed as to be revolutionary. Apple claimed that they have been updating for past many years to make this dreamlike, full-screen iPhone. Since this model has exclusive design and features, also the method to restart it is completely different.

Obviously, you have to follow some other strategy in the absence of a home button to restart your iPhone X. Have a look on the following methods to restart your iPhone X: 

Restart With Using Home Button

As Apple overlooked the home button in iPhone X, you have to use this wake or sleep button, Volume Up and Down button to restart iPhone X.

Very first, you have to hold and release down the Volume Up button. Next, you have to simply hold and release volume down button. Next, simply press and hold the side button till you watch an Apple Logo on iPhone X screen.

Now, release the power button and your iPhone X get restarted. 

Restart Without Using Home Button

When the physical buttons fail to function, AssistiveTouch on every iPhone is very helpful. The virtual home button plays several roles in closing the apps, by making use of iPhone X without a home button and clicking screenshots on the iPhone X.

So, you don’t have AssistiveTouch floating button enabled on your iPhone X, you need to do it very first.

Go to the Settings App < Click General < Tap Accessibility < Assistive Touch < Assistive Touch Toggle On.

After this, follow the below steps:

  1. Once AssistiveTouch gets enabled on your iPhone X click on the floating button.
  2. Next, six options will appear on the screen of your iPhone X – Home, Device, Siri, Control Center, Custom, and Notifications. You just need to click on the Device.
  3. The other options that come up are – Rotate Screen, Volume Up, and Down, Lock Screen, Mute, and More. Here you have to click on the More (3 dots).
  4. At last, click on the restart button from the options list given on the iPhone X screen.

Your iPhone X will restart in a couple of seconds.

That’s all! You got everything to restart your iPhoneX in this article. Do you have any suggestion? Share your comments below.

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