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You might have heard the name Bitdefender before. It is a Romanian anti-virus and cybersecurity company, founded in the year 2001 that develops its own range of software for computer security, network security, and protection against various viruses and malware.  In 2018, the number of users of the Bitdefender software increased to 500 million globally. For the past 5 years, Bitdefender has acquired the best detection rate in the software industry.

Given below are some of the prime features of Bitdefender software that would help you to have some insight into it.


Protection against Potential Threats

The strength of security software can be measured in terms of its protection against various threats posed on daily basis.  For this purpose, Bitdefender makes use of modern, revolutionary, and Artificially Intelligent technologies for on-time detection, prediction, and blocking of possible threats.  For this, the system continuously updates itself to learn about new threats and viruses before they can cause any damage to your computer.


No matter how good an antivirus or security software performs if it occupies most of your system’s memory space and makes it slow. Such type of security software constantly runs in the background. Therefore, Bitdefender offers you lightweight software that does not impact your system’s performance. Not only that it utilizes minimal resources, but also it provides such optimization tools that can enhance your device’s boot-up and execution time.

Easy To Understand Interface

Bitdefender offers a simple and easy to understand interface. You do not need to be a technical person to operate this software. The software readily notifies you if it requires any updates or if there is a need to scan your system for potential threats and malware etc.

Anti-Phishing Protection

With the advent of technology, scammers have found new ways to attack your network security. Bitdefender deals with this problem by providing anti-phishing protection and by blocking malicious websites that are not trustworthy. Hence, your personal or professional details like credit or debit card numbers, phone numbers, and passwords are kept safe and secure.  

Online Money Transaction

Online transactions can be very risky especially if you are not using any security or anti-virus software. No one wants to lose that hard-earned money by just doing online shopping. Bitdefender protects your online payments and allows you to do transactions using a dedicated and unique browser to prevent online attacks.

 Anonymous Web Surfing

It allows you to anonymously surf the internet without revealing your Internet Protocol address and by encrypting the internet traffic thus protect against potential hackers.

Webcam Filter

One of the best features offered by this software is the webcam filter. This will prevent the hackers and other spying eyes from having unauthorized access to your webcam while you are using your digital device. For this purpose, its package includes a webcam filter. Besides, you can also use its webcam filter to assign privileges to various other programs installed on your computer to use the webcam.

Bitdefender Product Range

Bitdefender offers a wide range of products suitable for your home, office, and network security. All these products offer premium cybersecurity packages. These are listed below:

Bitdefender Box

Take your smart home to a whole new level with the Bitdefender Box. It offers a new way to protect your smart home devices that are connected to the internet. It comes with high quality and fast Bitdefender hardware that blocks malware, notifies you about unauthorized access, protects your passwords, identity, and save your data and browser from hacker attacks, fraud, phishing, etc. As this device can work with any internet-driven device hence it is compatible with Windows, Mac-OS, Android & iOS. Additionally, you can make your home network secure by assessing the device’s vulnerability, detecting an anomaly, and protecting against Brute Force attacks.


  • Include VPN for identity protection
  • Filter what you want to view on the internet
  • Advanced parental controls including time spent by your children on the internet.
  • Detect and block network Intrusions.
  • Centralized application with sleek design hardware for secure and better connectivity.


  • All the features need an annual subscription.

Bitdefender Total Security

This software provides you a complete solution for your PC, mobile, or any other digital device. This software covers a wide range of features, including network and PC security with VPN facilities. It allows multi-layer complete and real-time data and network protection, vulnerability assessment, fraud, phishing, and spam detection. The software prompts you to take security actions in the Autopilot mode and improves your system performance by saving computing resources using the Bitdefender Photon technology.


  • Microphone and Web camera monitor
  • Encrypt network traffic up to 200 MB/day through VPN
  • Involves anti-theft tools for protection against hackers.
  • Limit screen time and filter inappropriate content for your children
  • Enables password and social network protection.
  • Performance optimization for Windows.


  • The 200 MB VPN is enough for online banking and shopping but not to stream movies.
  • The version available for Mac Operating System has comparatively fewer features than Windows.

Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender offers an Internet Security package for the Windows operating system against all kinds of malware, spam, viruses, and online threats. This suite is specially designed to provide online protection on a Windows PC. It does not cover all the features and services enclosed in the Total Security Suite. However, it allows the best privacy firewall to filter the network traffic so that you would not redirect to fraud and unsafe websites. The software also prevents unnecessary popups and block them before popping on the screen. The problem of eavesdropping is also solved with the webcam and microphone protection.


  • It tweaks the system settings including system cooling, display, Bluetooth connectivity, and updates thus saving battery life.
  • Prevents popups, unnecessary requests, and unimportant background tasks while you are working or playing.
  • The resue environment feature cleans up and restores a safe environment by rebooting the PC in case of suspicious malware detection.
  • The advance threat defense closely monitors active apps to detect any suspicious activity.
  • Webcam, microphone protection, anti-fraud, anti-phishing features.


  • Limited VPN
  • File encryption is not included.
  • Content filter does not work well with off-brand browsers.
  • Services are only available for Windows PC.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Looking for a lightweight, fast and secure antivirus, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus might be what you are looking for. This antivirus is called plus for a reason. It lets you do your everyday tasks on your PC without slowing it down. Its performance is better as compared to other antiviruses including Kaspersky, McAfee, and Symantec. Separate packages are available for both Windows and antivirus for Mac PC protection against ransomware and viruses. The software keeps on updating itself with new virus definitions thus to allow real-time protection.


  • Secure and encrypt your online passwords, and data with a VPN.
  • Shop and browse without any fear of fraud and phishing.
  • Access and informs you about your WiFi and router security.
  • Protect you from malicious links you receive on social networks.
  • Anti-tracker blocks trackers and hackers to invade your privacy by allowing you to manage and view the information on every website.
  • Real-time PC and network protection.


  • Unlimited VPN access requires a separate subscription.
  • May allow some uncommon virus when real-time protection is turned off.

Conclusion Bitdefender offers Family Suite, Bitdefender Box, Network security, antirust plus, and total security packages to provide you protection in all aspects. This wide range of security software has performed better when compared with the most famous cybersecurity software like Kaspersky, McAfee, and Symantec. It attained the highest score for providing the best protection against various infections and lowest score for overall impact on the system performance according to the different lab and protection tests conducted by PC Mag, AV-Comparatives, and TechRadar Editor’s Choice. The only drawback viewed in its review is that it requires an annual subscription which makes it a bit expensive. Another downside of the Bitdefender software is that it offers premium quality features and services for Windows PC while some features are not included in its version for mac and iOS. 

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