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Best Training Collar for Pitbulls in 2024

Pitbulls are big dogs that are best known for their incredible, energetic, and intelligent characteristics. In fact, pit bulls usually have a bad reputation because of their big look, scary, and stubbornness. Though, most of that about Pitbulls is just a misconception. Because they are very loving, loyal, energetic, and trainable, this animal was banned in many countries due to fear. Pitbulls can be great friends, pets, and watchdogs if you train them properly with the right environment and proper care.

Also, Pitbulls are as stubborn and energetic as other dogs. This can make it very difficult to control and train them. In this regard, shock-collars or e-collars can be an effective and unique tool for you to train them because these collars use vibration, shock, or beep to control them. We can say that this collar uses a negative stimulus against them. This can result in controlling their behaviour accordingly. Simply, this post will tell you about 2024 top training collars for your Pitbulls.

Top 5 Best Training Collars For Pitbulls 2024

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar 

Pet Resolve dog training collar offers the most cost-effective tool. It is indeed the perfect training collar for different types of dogs and their temperaments. This water-proof collar offers many effective features, which one finds in expensive products. It also offers an easy-to-use, robust design, which a first-time trainer can perfectly use. Similarly, this collar’s system is always “on” and easily helps in correcting the pitbull’s behavior. The shock-collar also contains an LED Night mode system for night training or walking. In addition, the anti-bark mode is helpful in avoiding excessive barking. You can also remove shock mode if necessary with the help of plastic prongs. The prongs are extra-long, which provide great range and contact.   

In addition, the highly-powered rechargeable battery with a 2-hours quick charge will never interrupt your training time. This collar can train up to 3 dogs at a time. The three main modes, shock, vibration, and beep, with adjustable intensity levels from 1-10, are the key features. Moreover, it does not require reprogramming once set because of the built-in memory function. In terms of performance and value, this collar is the best.     

2. SportDOG Brand Sport Trainer SD_575

The SportDOG Brand Sport trainer 575 has many features, which makes it easy to use. It has a large, bright OLED screen, which is easily readable, and a large easy-to-control button. It also offers 10 levels of continuous, momentary, and static modes to be easily adjustable according to your pitbull’s situation. Actually, this shock collar was designed for working and hunting dogs and is still a great option to train your pitbull.

Additionally, this shock collar is for larger dogs of 8 pounds with necks measuring 5 to 22 inches. The best feature of this collar is its water resistance, which is submersible up to 25 feet. The 2-hour quick charge and rechargeable lithium-ion battery work for a long time. Last but not least, it has a 500-yard remote range and can easily train two dogs with an extra collar receiver.

3. Dogtra 1900s WET Remote training collar

This training collar is durable and a correct choice for new trainers. It is a slim and sleek camouflage collar that comfortably shapes the dog’s neck. It is perfectly made for above 35 lbs weight pitbull, and neck size ranges between 8 to 26 inches. Furthermore, it offers a remote range of ¾ mile. The best feature about this collar is its IPX9K certified water-proof collar and transmitter. This can resist extreme heat, water-pressure and withstand any condition.

Also, 3 modes of correction, i.e., shock, high-performance vibrate, and constant shock, are available with over 127 levels. An easy-to-read LCD screen display is present for monitoring, a shut-off button for safety, and a non-slip transmitter for the easy handgrip. In short, this collar has many useful features for training your pitbull. It also has a quick rechargeable battery and a cable to charge the collar and transmitter with a protective carrying case side-by-side.

4. ET-400 Mini Educator E-collar

The ET-400 E-collar has a lot of innovative features for training your stubborn pitbull. It has 100 adjustable levels of stimulation, i.e., “Blunt” and “Pavlovian tone.” The adjustable 1-60 STIM booster button helps to improve the pitbull’s behavior. In addition, the blunt stimulation is like a strong tapping sensation instead of a painful shock. The unique Pavlovian tone teaches the dog to respond to it by associating the tone with stimulation quickly.

Furthermore, the adjustable and intuitive “stopwatch” handheld design helps the owners to monitor their Pitbulls all the time. The medium range of ¾ miles allows greater control of 5 lbs dogs and neck sizes of 6 to 30 inches. Like other good-quality collars, this collar is also water and shock-proof and equipped with Titanium contact points that protect the skin. The transmitter has a remote-control LED night light, an easily readable LCD screen, and a built-in lost beeper. Finally, this unit offers a pet TEK dog clicker, which enforces correction through positive reinforcement.

5. TBI Pro Dog Training Collar With Remote

The TBI Pro Dog training collar is an ideal collar for your pitbull with a long-range of 1600 feet. This allows you to easily train and monitor your dog from a far distance. On the other hand, this anti-bark collar comes with three modes like shock, vibration, and beep mode with 1 to 100 levels. However, both the beep and vibration modes are best for new trainers, while the shock mode is suitable in challenging situations.

The dual-channel of the collar offers easy control of two dogs simultaneously. The long-lasting battery life with a 2-hour charge is also an adorable feature. Moreover, this collar is waterproof, and you can customize it according to your pitbull’s size and characteristics.

Choosing the Best Training Collar for Pitbulls 2024: A Buying Guide

Before choosing or buying a training collar for a pit bull, you should take time to know completely about the key features of each item. You should pay attention to the following factors before going to purchase it. Some of the helpful considerations are listed below:

Signals Range

Signals range is the most important feature to consider. A collar with the most appropriate range is suitable. You should choose a collar that has strong remote signals so that the dog can move around freely, even at a long distance. But, you should also make sure to have a continuous remote connection with a collar.

Collar Size

The correctness of an e-collar is very important. It should shape the dog’s; neck to provide comfort and easy movement. The collar should touch the dog’s neck so that its functionality will work properly.

Material and Durability

Ensure that the collar should be manufactured with materials that withstand the dog’s strength. It should be long-lasting and durable. Moreover, the collar should offer safety and should not cause any skin problems.

Intensity Level

Some breeds of dogs, like the Husky dog, require more training modes for proper training. It means that the intensity levels vary from dog to dog. For example, if you are training just a petite pooch, then a low-intensity shock collar is perfect. For this reason, adjusting the intensity level of a collar according to your dog’s tolerance is necessary.

Water Resistance

Any e-collar should possess this property. Water-resistance quality is important if the dog is exposed to the water or moving outdoors in the rain. So, it is better to consider the water-resistance property of these training collars.

Battery Life

The most important feature needs to be long-lasting. The battery life must be long enough to work for a long time. So it would not need to recharge again and again.


Of course, no one wants to spend a huge amount of money on a single collar. But, the good ones and high-quality collars may cost a lot. Wherever you go shopping for a collar, always consider the quality to at least pay high for a good thing.

Final Thoughts

It’s definitely not an easy task to find the best training collar for a pit bull. Rather, it is a significant task. These training collars do work properly, but their results totally depend on usage and experience. If you use it properly, it will never harm your dog. Moreover, a wide range of training collars is available in the market from which you can find the suitable ones accordingly. You can consider the buying guide before shopping for a collar. Also, always remember to use positive reinforcement instead of negative. You can develop affection, rewards, and encouragement with them when using training collars. I hope this article will help you clearly. Go, choose wisely, and happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it good to train dogs with shock collars?

A.Shock-collars are proven effective in dog training if you use them appropriately. It is also said that rather than using training collars, it is effective to encourage them with little appreciation, etc.

Q. Is there any difference between shock-collar and e-collar?

A.There is no difference between shock-collar and e-collar at all. People use both the words interchangeably, either to promote or to oppose the use of these collars.

Q. Which type of collar does a pitbull need?

A.As, Pitbulls are very powerful dogs and can easily pull on their rein as compared to some other breeds. For this reason, a very powerful and strong collar is necessary for their training so that they would not pull on their rein easily and will be strongly fastened to their collars.

Q. What is the purpose of training collars?

A.Dog training collars are also known as electronic collars, shock collars, or e-collars. These collars use radio signals in the form of shock, vibration, or beep to discourage the bad behavior of a dog. You can also use them to keep your dog safe and alert for any consequences.

Q. Does the vet allow shock collars for training dogs?

A. According to The British Veterinary Association and the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, they do not allow the trainers to use any kind of shock collars or any other aversive method for training their dogs.

 Q. Professional trainers never use shock collars. Is it?

A.Yes, this is true. They only use these collars for the dogs’ safety and nothing else. They don’t want to get the dog hurt through the use of these collars. The other time, they use the remote collars for the vibration function.


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