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The pool cue is the ultimate winning factor in a game. So whether you are a novice, an intermediate player, or an expert, you’ll find it crucial to your success. However, with so many options on the market today, finding one that fits your needs and style can be difficult. You must purchase one that suits your height and takes other factors into account. We’ll look for the best pool cues for intermediate players in this article. We will look at those factors to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

Our Top Picks of 2024

Purex Players HXT15 Pool Cue Stick

HTX15 is the ultimate pool cue for an intermediate player because of its compact design and cutting-edge cue technology. The shaft of an HXT15 includes Low-Deflection ferrule for a more strong and more precise shot. The stainless steel connection allows the butt and shaft to fit perfectly together. The cue’s wrap is double-pressed Irish linen, making a great grip and sweat absorber that will only improve your grip.

A premium Kamui black cue tip sits boldly on the tip of the shaft. They’re a ten-layered pig skin tip from Japan. They have a good grip on the ball and generate a stunning shot. This 2-piece pool cue made of maple wood is unquestionably high-end. Its treatment prevents warping, and you are receiving a top-of-the-line cue for the price. It’s fashionable without being garish. Just enough to get someone’s attention.

Viper Revolution Spider 58″

The Viper Revolution Spider 58″ pool cue is the epitome of sophistication and craftsmanship. It boasts one of the most attractive designs. It is a lightweight choice with a gorgeous style. It gives you a lot of control and allows you to set the right speed. It’s also quite easy to work with.

The cue is made of durable Canadian maple wood. The nine varnish coatings of the cue prevent warping. This set includes a detachable scuffer that is simple to adjust and use. You may also shape its Le Pro leather tip with it. The cues also include a silicon-infused felt cover for a tension-free stroke when playing. Overall, the Viper Revolution Spider 58″ is a fantastic pool cue with many wonderful features and detailed engravings that make it a great investment.

Viking Valhalla 100 Series

Viking pool cues had to be someplace on this list! This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest intermediate pool cues available. If you’re picky, Valhalla Viking is the way to go because it comes in various colors and styles. It has a lot of wonderful features but no Low Deflection shaft. This cue’s eye-catching design, quality, and lifetime warranty, even against warping, are a few of the features that set it apart.

Because it’s made of maple wood, the cue lasts a long time. Another feature that sets it apart from the competition is its adjustable weight mechanism. This combination allows you to get different shots with the same cue. The tip of this great pool cue stick is also made of sturdy leather, making it easier to handle the ball while playing.

McDermott Lucky L65 Billiard Cue

The McDermott Lucky L65 Leprechaun ranks fourth on this ranking of the finest intermediate pools. The McDermott Lucky L65 Leprechaun is a great pick if you’re on a budget and want a pool cue that’s not just attractive but also high-quality. It comes in a two-piece style with several color layers. Furthermore, the cue’s length makes it a suitable fit for almost everyone.

Like most of the cues on this list, this cue is composed of hard rock maple wood, a material that proclaims longevity and durability. It also includes an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind graphic sleeve overlay. The cue’s steel collar adds to its aesthetic appeal while improving grip. It includes an Irish Linen wrap, which is the industry standard. This wrap adds to the cue’s overall appeal and performance. It shoots well and smoothly.

Lucasi Custom Mystic Black and Curly Maple Pool Cue

The Lucasi Custom Mystic Black is a top-notch pool cue for intermediate to advanced pool players. Because of the fantastic features and abilities it provides the player, and the Lucasi Custom model is the cue that everyone would want. Tiger Everest is the model’s tip, ensuring that you will rarely miss the target with it. As a result, this model’s high-grade tip will add the proper amount of spin to your game. It has a high-quality finish that resists fading and scratching from the sun’s rays.

A Quick-Release Uni-loc joint is incorporated into its build design, making it easy to attach and detach. It’s also available in a simple but attractive style with an enigmatic black butt and forearm. It also has a natural curly maple handle, exotic Bocote bands encircled by Cocobolo and black rings, and a natural wood butt with various high-quality features. This billiard cue features a robust core with low deflection technology that allows you to make accurate and powerful shots to win your matches.

Choosing the Best Pool Cue for Intermediate Players: A Buying Guide

Though a pool cue seems like a small accessory, the entire game depends on it. You may not realize just A pool cue may appear to be a small item, yet it is essential to the game’s success. You might not know how much a bad cue stick can affect your game, but once you start using the perfect one, you’ll be amazed at how much better your game becomes. Certain factors influence the type and quality of a good stick, and you must take them into account. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

The Cue Tip

Cue tips exist in various sizes, and the diameter of the cue tip can have a significant impact on your game. The tip of a pool cue typically measures 11 to 14 mm. Smaller pool cue tips help more expert players put a side spin on the cue ball, while larger pool cue tips help novice players pocket the balls more easily. The cue tip’s larger surface area might assist you in landing even the most difficult strokes. You can try with smaller cue tips and master the sidespin as your pool skills improve.

It’s also crucial to pay attention to the right tip. When you strike the ball with a soft tip, you can feel it. Hard tips last longer than soft tips. Hard tips are durable and take some getting used to, but they can be superb billiard stick tips.

Cue Taper

The normal taper size for most 2-piece cues is 12-14″ mm. Cue taper comes in two varieties: conical and pro. Conical house cues are like a cone that gradually tapers from the fat end to the narrow end. The Pro Taper refers to the shaft’s consistent diameter from the tip back, roughly 12-14″ mm, before beginning to cone out towards the joint.


The shaft is the most crucial component of a pool cue stick. It is the most important factor in determining how a pool cue stick acts and performs. The diameter of the shaft is usually between 12 and 13 mm. As a beginning player, the most crucial element to consider when selecting a pool cue shaft diameter is your hand size. If you have small hands, you’ll want a smaller shaft diameter, so your hand doesn’t hurt as it glides down the shaft while you make those shots. Low deflection shafts are essential for making skill and accuracy shots.

Type of Joint

A pool cue can only withstand as much as its joint, regardless of how appealing it looks. A stick with a firm joint ensures consistency, which is important when playing.

Weight of Pool Stick

To play a comfortable game of pool, you’ll need a cue with just the correct amount of weight. Cue sticks are also available in a variety of weights. Remember that the weight of your cue has an impact on how you make your shot, as a heavier cue will produce more cue ball speed for a given stroke effort. A lighter cue is typically used for skill shots that need more precision and accuracy.

Type of Material

A pool cue is usually made of wood, with some metal pieces such as the joint. Maple wood, particularly Canadian maple, is commonly used by manufacturers. Wood is a sturdy and long-lasting material that may be used for many years if properly cared for. Some producers use any wood, including North American maple. Exotic woods may be used in higher-priced cues. Fibreglass is another material used in cues since it is extremely sturdy and does not warp.


Another important element to consider is the straightness of the pool cue. A crooked cue will have a negative impact on your game. You’ll lose a lot of games if you don’t have a straight cue. It will also have an impact on a deflection.

Balance Point

The center of gravity of a pool cue is the point at which you can balance it (e.g. if you support it on a finger). Most 58-inch bespoke cues have a balance point between 15 1/2 and 20 inches from the bottom of the butt plate today (which has become the standard). A well-balanced cue will encourage a player to grip the cue further back, reducing side wobble and allowing for a better shot.


Another factor to think about while purchasing a cue is the product’s quality. After all, no one wants to wind up with a cue that isn’t going to help them perform well overall. A cue with a smooth design and high quality will have less deflection. You could rub your hand around the cue. If it feels rough to the touch, the quality is probably not up to par. If you rub it and it feel smooth, you can think of it as a high-end choice. Also, keep an eye out for glue and stains.

Style or Design

Although the shape and overall design of the cue will not make you a world champion, it is nevertheless crucial. The design of a cue reveals a lot about the person who holds it and how they play. Make sure you purchase one that fits you. Pool cues are hand-spliced or machine-spliced, so if you can’t locate the perfect one, perhaps you can have one manufactured for you.

Perfect Wrap Material

A wrap will be used on a cue to protect it while also providing a pleasant grip. You may compare it to wrapping tape around the cue’s edge. Your hands will not slip with a well-wrapped stick, and your grasp will become more secure. Beginners and advanced players will benefit from both nylon and linen wraps. On the other hand, professional players prefer leather wraps, which are more expensive than other sticks.


The type of cue you buy should be compatible with your present financial statement. New pool players should avoid purchasing costly sticks. Once you’ve mastered the game and understand all the variables, you can upgrade to a more expensive cue stick. Professional and experienced players prefer leather-wrapped sticks that are more expensive.

Additional Accessories

After you’ve chosen a pool cue, you’ll need to consider other accessories like a carrying case, a glove, chalk, etc. Your pool cue will arrive in a standard carrying case. It would be best if you considered purchasing a more sturdy and solidly designed case for your cue sticks to protect them.


The majority of the companies offer a basic warranty on their products. Most warranties cover all manufacturer and material faults upon purchase, subject to these businesses’ terms and conditions.

Final Verdict

Several other pool cues worth mentioning aren’t on our list. Every pool cue has its distinct qualities and features. Some of them have technology built-in to ensure excellent performance. Whatever you choose, any pool cues on this list will never let you down. Whatever pool cue you select will only enhance your playing style and propel your game forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do two-piece pool cues suit intermediate and semi-professional players better?

A 2-piece cue has a mid-joint. Many players prefer it since it is easier to move around and store when not in use. A 2-piece cue is a good choice for intermediate players, yet experts believe it lacks the feel of a 1-piece cue.

Q: Do heavier pool cues perform better?

Lighter pool cues are preferable since, even if you shoot the ball off the middle, it will not travel as far as it would if hit by a heavier cue. Lighter cues are easier to maneuver and can produce strong shots even if the player is a novice.

Q: What is the ideal length for a shorter person? For a person of average height, the average length of a cue is roughly 57 inches. A 52 or 48-inch cue would be ideal for people who are shorter or for children. Taller players may need cues with lengths of up to 60 inches, custom-made for them.


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