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Best Cam for 5.7 HEMI Ram 1500 in 2024

A camshaft is an essential component of any engine. It is in charge of the valves. Furthermore, it regulates the amount of fuel and air entering the chamber. Finally, it regulates the efficiency of gas combustion resulting from the previous ignition cycle. It clears the way in the chamber for the next charge.

The type of Camshaft utilized has a significant impact on the engine’s performance. So, updating your engine’s Camshaft is critical for maintaining the best performance. But, selecting the right cam for your 5.7 Hemi ram among hundreds of possibilities can be tough. We’ve compiled a list of the five best cams for 5.7 Hemi ram to assist you in making an informed decision.

Our Top Picks of 2024


Even among the long list, we’ve compiled, this top-tier Geluoxi product is a clear winner. It’s also incredibly fuel-efficient. But that doesn’t mean we’ll lose the exhilaration of experiencing the total horsepower. While the automobile is in cruise mode, it will save gasoline and then let us drive crazy when we put our foot down.

This Camshaft’s fixtures and fittings offer the best performance even in the most challenging conditions. The one-of-a-kind design and features of this Camshaft give your engine system the best possible protection. This cam has a groove cut into the barrel in front of its journal. As a result, this Camshaft is suitable for Dodges equipped with an automatic transmission.

2. COMP CAMS 201-300-17 NSR HRT

This Camshaft has made our list because of its unique characteristics. This model provides exceptional fuel economy and produces more horsepower and torque than stock. They keep the valve springs in good shape. As a result, there is a lesser need for valve spring replacement. It allows the engine to pull a heavy load with ease. As a result, it is ideal for heavier vehicles. It also offers exceptional throttle response thanks to its higher torque.  

The COMP cam’s Spintron machine has taken advantage of the cam. These HRT-profiled camshafts are more durable than others. This HRT camshaft has lobe profiles that boost horsepower to the max while improving stability at higher RPMs. After months of rigorous testing, HRT camshaft profiles exceed their competitors and dominate the market.

3. MOPAR 5302 2263AF HEMI CAM

Many of us are sick of replacing our engine’s main bearing due to wear caused by the start/stop system. ‘New and distinctive’ ETorque is also causing MPG issues for certain users. This model has provided a solution to each of these issues. They’ve given us a Mopar 5302 2263AF engine camshaft, devoid of any start/stop or torque devices. It is one of the greatest cams for 5.7 Hemi rams. This Camshaft weighs far less than usual cams and is quite simple to install while providing us with such excellent solutions.

One of the greatest camshafts for the 5.7 Hemi is the lightweight, portable Mopar 5302 2263AF Engine Camshaft. Consider this Moper camshaft if you want a camshaft that will last a long time. The parts are easily interchangeable. As a result, you’ll be able to upgrade without completing a full renewal.


The best 5.7 Hemi cam and lifter kit are the AMS Racing VVT NON-MDS Camshaft & Lifter Install Kit. This cam’s higher lift boosts power and duration. It has no effect on the top PowerPoint on the RPM line. It enables us to profit from variable valve timing while avoiding MDS issues.

The MDS uses oil pressure to disengage and engage valve lifters, shutting down all four cylinders. While it may reduce oil usage, there are certain drawbacks. Misfires and mechanical sounds are common when using the MDS. On the other hand, variable valve timing improves torque and power production while retaining fuel economy. It also has fewer emissions. This kit is the best option for individuals who wish to avoid issues of the MDS while keeping all the benefits of the VVT.

5. COMP Cams 54-424-11 Hydraulic Roller Cam

This roller cam is the greatest cam for a 5.7 Hemi ram on the market, and it has a ton of features. It has a wide power range, excellent responsiveness, and good driving characteristics. You can use exhaust and cold air intake systems to run this Camshaft efficiently.

It’s also equipped with Xtreme Energy technology, a fantastic feature. The upgraded cylinder head design of the engine allows this technology to provide exceptional power. As a result, the RPM potential is quite great, and the stability is excellent. Also, it is compatible with the 3-bolt configuration. It’s a huge improvement over stock because of the small loop at idle. The gains are excellent, and there is no need to go overboard with the valve springs. The sound and power boost will be outstanding if properly tuned.

Choosing the Best Cam For 5.7 Hemi Ram 1500: The Buying Guide

When choosing the proper Camshaft for your 5.7 L vehicle, there are many options to consider, and picking the right one can be a difficult chore. Your engine’s Camshaft is a crucial component. It is the component that regulates an engine’s potential power growth. A good camshaft can give you outstanding performance, but the wrong one might cause irreversible engine damage. There are a few things to consider when purchasing a camshaft for the 5.7 Hemi ram. Here is what they are:

Compatibility with your Engine

One of the most important elements to consider before purchasing a camshaft is compatibility with your vehicle. Remember that a camshaft is a highly specialized and cutting-edge automobile component. So, you cannot use it in conjunction with incompatible cars. It’s pointless to get one that won’t operate with your vehicle. To begin, go through your vehicle’s specifications and the product specifics because it is the first step in selecting the right Camshaft for a car.

Performance Gain

If we want to build something specific, we may look at Camshafts performance rating to see how much horsepower and torque it will produce. The performance of a camshaft is critical for increasing the engine’s efficiency. High-end cams deliver more torque, improved performance, and a wider RPM range. If you want a camshaft with good racing skills, expect to pay a higher price.

Price Range

The sort of Camshaft you need depends on your budget. For the 5.7 Hemi ram, there are a plethora of cams available at various pricing points. Choose one that provides the basic needs if you have a limited budget. But, if you have the financial means, look into high-end cams with more advanced features. High-end cams will outperform low-end cams’ engine efficiency.

Lobe Separation Angle( LSA)

Another important element of a camshaft to consider is lobe separation. The proper operation of the intake and exhaust valves is dependent on the lobe separation. The optimal operation of the engine is dependent on the opening and closing of these two valves. If the lobe separation is not adjusted properly, the intake and exhaust valve timing will be off, badly impacting the engine. In extreme situations, the engine may come to a complete stop.

As a result, before investing in a dedicated camshaft, you should consider lobe separation. The product detail page should ideally include information about the lobe separation and its work. The lobe separation is the engine’s purpose, compression ratio, and displacement if it isn’t stated otherwise.

Lifter Type:

A hydraulic-lifter camshaft is ideal for a daily driver because it does not necessitate lash corrections regularly. Even though solid-lifter cams are ideal for high-rpm applications, they require lash correction every few months. Keep in mind that cams and lifters must be in perfect alignment. A solid-lifter camshaft, for example, works with solid lifters, whereas hydraulic cams require hydraulic lifters.

Camshaft’s LIFT

This word refers to the valve’s displacement from its seat in the cylinder. The measurement of lift is in inches. Gross and Lobe’s lifts are the two most common forms of lifts. We get the gross lift when we multiply the rocker ratio and the lobe lift. It provides us with enough lift for the valve. When measured at the lobe’s snout, the lobe lift is the original size of the lobe on the Camshaft.

Computer Controls

If you own an older model and your state requires tight smog compliance, you’ll have to choose many certified options. In such instances, don’t try to install a larger roller because the engine’s computer controls can’t tolerate many larger camshafts without causing the engine to fail.

Final Thoughts

Finally, selecting the right cam for your 5.7 L engine shouldn’t be difficult. This article’s reviews and buying considerations should assist you in making a sound investment decision. The Camshaft you select affects combustion efficiency and overall performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a camshaft’s primary function?

All cars need camshafts as a basic functional tool. Two primary components make the Camshaft that allows it to perform properly. The cam and the shaft work together to give the engine extra power. The Camshaft uses some lobes to push against the values while maintaining a circular motion to function properly. Dedicated springs return the pressed valves to their original position. The Camshaft’s role is vital to the engine’s performance at various speeds. It is especially important in racing automobiles, where you can win the races by a second.

Q: How Much Horsepower Does a Cam Add to a 5.7 Hemi?

Yes, the Camshaft increases the engine’s horsepower output. A bespoke cam and precise cam timing will provide approximately 67 horsepower to a 5.7 Hemi. You can make more power by altering the cam timing with a comp cam.

Q: What happens if my Camshaft fails?

If your Camshaft fails, your engine can suffer a variety of consequences. It has the potential to fail or completely shut down. So, at the very least, make sure the Camshaft is in good working order.

Q: How can I know if my Camshaft is on its way out?

There are numerous indicators that your Camshaft is failing or wearing down.

If the car idles harshly, it could signify a faulty camshaft. Second, low mileage or frequent stumbling are signs that the Camshaft is failing.

Q: How much does a camshaft repair or replacement cost?

The engine will not be able to reach full power if the Camshaft is in poor condition. The damage determines whether we should repair or replace a damaged camshaft. For example, if the camshaft deflection is greater than 0.05mm, we cannot repair it and must replace it. This is also true in camshaft cracks, thread damage in mounting holes, etc. In all of these circumstances, replacing the Camshaft is preferable to repairing it. A camshaft can cost anything from $1500 to $3000 to replace. It includes both the cost of the parts and the cost of labor.


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