7 Best Bluetooth Earbuds Under 50

If you are tired and frustrated using the bulky over ear headphones and want something new and more portable, then the Bluetooth ear buds or in-ear models are the way to go now. You are not required to invest fortune or empty your pocket to get the best pair of Bluetooth Earbuds as there are lots of budget options available. But if you don’t want to compromise on sounding and want to purchase the branded models, then you need to spend a bit more than the traditional ones. But don’t worry you can make use of the amazon promotional code here to save great deal of money on your purchase of best Bluetooth Earbuds in 2019. Below is the list of best Bluetooth Earbuds under 50 in 2019.

  1. Anker Soundbuds Curve Wireless

This is a well designed and comfortable Bluetooth Earbuds that offers stable fitting and has a sporty look. It maintains the ultimate price to performance ratio and it is the cheapest model that is compatible with almost all devices. It comes with 6 tip options to help fit perfectly into your ears and it is compact in size which makes carrying easier. The battery life is decent that offers 13 hours of playback and comes with leakage performance ability and noise cancellation too.

  1. AUKEY Latitude Wireless

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth Earbuds that can block the background noise, then this is the Bluetooth Earbuds that you must opt for. It is Bluetooth Earbuds which is suitable for listening to music and also for daily communication. Its isolating design is optimal and it can reduce the rumbles and also block the background chatters efficiently. It is also suited best for bass heavy music and comes with 3 different EQ modes, making it the versatile Bluetooth Earbuds for gaming and listening to music.

  1. Sound Peats TrueFree/True Wireless

This is extra portable Bluetooth Earbuds that come with very affordable price range below $50. It comes with built-in noise cancellation and isolation background sound, making it best suited for daily communication over phone. It comes with four different tip sizes to comfortably fit into the ear.

  1. JBL Endurance Sprint Bluetooth Earbuds

This is the best sounding Bluetooth Earbuds available under $50 and it comes with rubberized, matte finish and it looks great. It is rated IPX7 for water and sweat resistance and its stable ear hook design makes it look sporty and fits comfortably into your ear. It has best audio reproduction ability and produces neutral sounding. It also delivers the impressive isolation performance and this makes it the great choice for gym as well.

  1. Sony WI-C310 Bluetooth Earbuds

If you don’t prefer wearing the sport oriented Bluetooth Earbuds and want the decent sounding of Bluetooth Earbuds, then get this Bluetooth Earbuds which sound boomy than other models on the list and produce better audio reproduction. It is very comfortable to wear and has a smaller profile too. This Bluetooth Earbuds is more balanced in sounding profile and offers better stability with its ear hook design. Since it is compact and portable in design you can easily carry it in your pockets.

  1. Jaybird Freedom F5

If you are looking for more customized option and better listening experience on your Smartphone, then this is the Bluetooth Earbuds that you must get. This headphone works efficiently with their Jaybird MySound App and it offers you different customizable options. They are lightweight, portable and come with very low profile design that fits easily into your ear. The sound production of the Bluetooth Earbuds is very decent and when used with its application it gives you easy access to great parametric EQ along with different presets community.

  1. Samsung U Flex Bluetooth Earbuds

This is the best Bluetooth Earbuds under $50 which is designed mainly to work with Samsung Smartphone models, but you can also use it with other iOS and Android devices as it offers different customization options. When paired with Samsung devices, it offers multiple customization options, but this is lacking when used with Android or iOS devices.

So, these were the 7 best Bluetooth Earbuds under $50 which are worth investing in. Ensure to check for the Amazon or shopclues offers for earbuds before buying to save some money on your next purchase.