11 Free Movie Apps for Android

With millions of users around the world, Android stands as one of the most popular mobile operating systems. An android phone or tablet with just the right set of free movie download app can offer a great experience.

Gone are the days when people had to rely on the converters for making a video playable on their devices. Now, you can bypass the time-consuming process and watch movies on your lovable android phone directly through using a reliable movie download app.

Since, there are various paid video-streaming services such as Google Play, Flixster, Hulu Plus, and Netflix, we are going to reveal the best free movie download apps for android devices. Read along to watch your favorite movie on your phone free.

Mega Box HD

Mega Box HD is a fresh app for downloading movies on an android device. The app shares similar features as the Show Box. You don’t need to worry about the storage as this app consumes about only 1.8MB on an androiddevice.

Mega Box allows subscribers to stream movies on their android phone free. Currently, there are two playback quality options available – 360p and 720p, meaning you can enjoy watching HD quality videos on your phone. Mega Box HD app is available to download for both android phones and tablets through PlayStore.

Cinema Box

Cinema Box is yet another great app to watch free movies on an android device. This app comes with some exceptional features including the Chrome Cast support, kid’s mode, offline, and subtitles option.

However, Cinema Box isn’t available on PlayStore. Fortunately, you can download this app on your phone through following a simple procedure available on Google.

Newest Movie HD

The Newest Movie HD requires no subscription. Happily, you can enjoy using this app without following a complex subscription procedure. The app is free to download. When highlighting the interface, Newest Movie HD offers a plain and sleek aesthetics, allowing you to download a movie with any hassle.

In addition, Newest Movie HD offers movies as per genre and category. Also, “The Most Watched” section will make searching easier.


Hubi is one of the best free movie download app for android. You can watch a favorite movie free through using Hubi. The app works by collecting downloads and offering server links, making the download quicker. Hubi can serve as the best free movie app with a massive media library.


The All Time popular app YouTube requires no formal introduction. YouTube offers the largest media library with tons of free movies. The YouTube android app offers valuable media library for watching the best movies. Interestingly, the YouTube app comes pre-installed on various smartphones.

If you have an android phone, chances are that this app would be on it already.


Crackle is the popular movie app for android. This app offers a huge media library with full-length movies, shows, songs, and more media.

The media library holds some of the best titles including the Joe Dirt, Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds, Panic Room, Stranger than Fiction, and many more. The media library is updated every month, allowing you to enjoy the most recent seasons, shows, and movies.

Show BOX

Show BOX for android is one of the best free movie apps. The app offers a sleek interface that is easy-to-use. Subscribers can enjoy watching movies, seasons, shows, and much more on Show BOX. The app allows you to watch movies through third party websites.

Fortunately, there is a HD playback option, providing you with movies in high-end quality – 720p and 1080p. Most importantly, subscribers can download their favorite movies without paying a dime. In addition, this app allows you to watch movie in offline mode, riding you from internet connection requirement.


Flipps HD is one of the popular movie apps. This app allows you to watch movie on your android device free of cost. You can either watch a movie online or download it to watch at any time. Flipps stands among the top free android movie apps available online.


Viewster is one of the popular movie-streaming app for android devices. The app is widely popular for offering movie stream and download options.

Interestingly, you nether need create an account or pay for watching movies on your android device. The interface is sleek and simple. Also, the app offers a fantastic Chrome Cast support, allowing you to watch a movie through your phone on large TV screens.


Tubi is a high-rated movie app for android. The app is popular and loved by fans worldwide. The Tubi is available to download on android phones and tablets through PlayStore. However, Tubi works on only devices with Android OS 4.0.4 and newer versions.

Amazingly, Tubi offers both online stream and download options. The media library offers some of the most popular titles including movies, TV series, drama, action, news, shows, animated media, and much more. The media library is updated regularly, offering the latest collection.


With more than 700 popular titles available in the database, Popcornflix is a fan-favorite movie app for android users. This app stands as the widely popular free app for watching movies. Interestingly, Popcornflix updates its media library more often, offering the most recent media.

Fans can watch and download movies without paying any subscription fee. The navigation pane is plain, and media is organized as per category, theme, and release date.

Final Words

We have revealed the best free movie download apps for android devices. Considering how businesses are building apps to bring in potential customers on a single platform, you can build a movie app and promote your small business online through precise ads.

The above-mentioned apps offer best experience on almost every android phone and tablets. If you know about more free apps for movies, feel free to mention them.

Author bio:  Gerry Wilson is a passionate blog writer and a professional mobile app developer. He is working in the app development industry since 2012. Currently, He is associated with Retrocube.com a leading mobile app development company.

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