How would one cancel Amazon Prime Membership?

Amazon Prime Membership is absolutely a great option. It offers you two-day free shipping or even on the exact day service wherever available, you are also given enough extras like free movies and eBooks, and your order can be shipped to anywhere you wish to.  When you are new to Amazon or don’t use Amazon much, you might not be satisfied by the price.

Getting Amazon Prime Undone:

Amazon has always made things easier; you can get your Amazon Prime Membership canceled in 2 ways. You may even get a half or complete refund according to the usage of your account of Amazon Prime.

  1. Through your Amazon setting page

STEP 1: Look for your settings

Visit, and log in with the particular Prime membership account you are willing to cancel.

Once you are done, reach for the “Lists and accounts” option. You’ll find it in the top-right corner right below your name that will leave you with an exceeding menu list. From the options available, select the option of Prime Membership.

STEP 2: Watch out for what you are giving up

You’ll then be able to see your account page; all the benefits of the membership would be displayed. On the left, you’ll find the option like End benefits and membership. It will then take you to the ending process.

STEP 3: Cancellation

If you wish to get a refund and end the membership at the very moment; just click the “End My Benefits.” option and that’s it. According to your time left and the use of the Prime Membership, you’ll be given refund depending on it.

  1. Amazon Help page

Simply, visit and go to the Help page then End Your Amazon Prime Membership and there select the “End Membership” option. The quickest way to get your Membership canceled.