How to Get Indexed Quickly By Google


The blogging world is increasingly becoming competitive as more and more business go online. Whereas there are a number of fresh bloggers who use black hat tricks to get high ranking in Google, it is important to point out that such tricks are futile as you can easily be blacklisted. There are numerous ways through which as a new blogger you can get indexed quickly without having to resort to black hat tricks. Discussed herein, are tips on how to be indexed rapidly by Google.

Tip #1 – Submit RSS feeds

By virtue of being a fresh blogger, likelihoods is that the RSS feed has automatically been created on your behalf. All that is required of you is to regularly submit your RSS feeds. There are numerous RSS feed aggregators which you can submit to for free. The best RSS feed to use at the moment that is provided for free is Google Reader. In order to utilize Google Reader, you need to register for an account with Google. Each time a new RSS feed is submitted, Google is immediately notified of its existence.

Tip #2 – Use Google Bookmarks

Google is making it easier for a majority of online users to be noticed by enabling them to customize their own home pages. A fraction of the customization process requires that users have numerous bookmarks that allow them to visit the sites whenever they need to see them. For every bookmark added, Google recommends it as one of the preferred sites to visit. You can learn more about Google homepage by visiting

Tip #3 – Utilize Craigslist

Another means that you can use to make Google take notice of your fresh blog is by obtaining a link form Craigslist. Depending on who you obtain the link from, there are a number of black hat tricks that may be applied. Therefore, it is important not to abuse this service.

Tip #4 – Leave comments of other blogs

When posting comments on other blogs, it is important to leave comments on blogs that don’t apply “nofollow” feature. Unknown to a majority of newbie bloggers is that leaving comments on blogs that do not have “nofollow” feature can increase their rankings in Google.

Tip #5 – Purchase links

In case you have some cash to spare, you can use it to purchase links. Buying links is one of the easiest ways through which you can increase your ranking not only in Google, but other search engines.


There are other methods that you can use to quickly increase the ranking of a new blog other than the ones mentioned above. These include:

Making use of StumbleUpon tool.

Obtaining one-way backlinks provided for free.

Commenting in as many blogs as possible with an aim of becoming a top blog commentator.

Linking exchanges.

Making use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Article marketing.

Adding images, videos and slideshows to your blog.

Ranking high in search engine requires hard work. Moreover, do not believe persons who tell you that they can guarantee you top spot in Google.


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