Green Tech: Newest Advancements in the Environmental Realm

The door is wide open for advancing technologies in energy sustainability now that environmental protection is on the minds of people everywhere. Students and professionals worldwide are producing some of the most amazing and innovative advancements that will inevitably become significant factors in reducing greenhouse gases, air, water, and soil pollution with a giant leap forward on reducing massive climactic disasters resulting from extreme climate changes.
In the past two decades, society seemed reluctant to make necessary changes to laws and lifestyle. As time passed, however, great strides have been made in various areas of green technology. Take a look at some of these newest advancements in review.

City Sidewalks, Solar Sidewalks
One of the newest green tech advancements was created, designed, and developed by George Washington University: a solar sidewalk. It will generate 400 watts of solar power on non-slip solar panels. Check around towns and cities and the next thing you know, sidewalks that formerly were blistering under a hot summer sun will be a source of energy storage.
The growth in the use of photovoltaic cells that store solar energy has caused a greater need for solar farms. Even companies like 1800-Solar-USA are making it possible for homeowners to install their own AMI energy solar panels. In several US states, former badly polluted “brown fields” have been converted to solar and wind farms and are producing wind energy to power businesses and homes.

Reusable Batteries – A Green Tech Idea

Instead of household batteries being tossed into the trash, these devices can now be recharged or recycled. One company, Energizer went a step farther and designed a technique where a single battery can be manufactured without creating additional pollution. This is Energizer’s “EcoAdvanced” technique. It simply recycles major components in batteries like zinc, magnesium, and steel. These are recovered into a single ingredient that can be used in the manufacture of alkaline batteries.

Newest Advancements in the Environmental Realm
Now that solar power is moving up the ranks in use for home heating and air conditioning, it spawned a whole generation of ideas on how to create battery packs that are totally ecologically and environmentally safe. Wrist watches and cell phones that are recharged using these battery packs are another Green Tech advancement changing daily lives of people all over.

Sustainable Technology for the Planet

Mother Earth often resorts to harsh lessons to teach inhabitants of this planet how to be environmentally responsible. Land and housing developers are rethinking land use and development, as well as housing designs that will help home and land buyers become part of a world of the future that focuses on environmental sustainability. Houses are now made smaller and more compact to use space and energy more efficiently. Hopefully, making less of an impact on the surrounding environment.


The new technologies being developed in the environmental circles today will change how all of us live. New ideas for storing and creating energy are helping to make businesses and homeowners more sustainable and accountable.