Your BlackBerry’s Battery Life, Extended

Your BlackBerry’s Battery Life, Extended

It does not matter what model of BlackBerry you use, as long as the device can provide entertainment and serve as your personal organizer and tool for communication with much efficiency, then it is good for you. However, if it does not have enough battery power, you will not get any of these benefits.

As of today, there are certain observations that BlackBerrys are getting lesser battery life than those of simpler units.  So, before looking for BlackBerry buy back schemes you want to take advantage of, take a look at these factors first and see if your source of BlackBerry frustration can be remedied.

Data Connection

Your BlackBerry actually uses a lot of its battery power just to check for a data connection.

So if you do not want to have your battery dying out, turn off your Wi-Fi or any signal detector when you do not need it. This will help you save a huge amount of energy so you can just use it when you need it.

Do things one at a time

Multitasking with your BlackBerry is a sure way to be efficient. But if you just want to play a game while you are checking some emails, it would be better for your battery’s sake that you turn the other app off just when it is not that important.

Multitasking should only be done when both things are important for you. Say for example, texting while on a call using headphones. However, if trivial activities like playing while doing something like checking an email or texting, it will just slow down the phone’s system and it will eat up your battery power.  Choose what is more important and weigh your battery power before it actually betrays you in times of real need.  Instead of answering emails and browsing for BlackBerry trade in methods, try to do one thing at a time.

Vibrate OFF

Yes, all you need is a low-key sound if you want your messages or calls to be heard. Vibrations need a lot of energy before it can be used. That’s why, you have to make sure you need them or not. Like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, this will eat a lot of your battery reserve.

GPS and Bluetooth

It has always been a common mistake for BlackBerry users when they forget to switch off their GPS services and Bluetooth enabled devices.

These applications can instantly leave you with an empty battery. So if you want to make sure that your BlackBerry will last up until the last minute of your working day, know when to turn off your GPS and Bluetooth after using them.

Mandatory nap time

When I say mandatory, I am serious about it.

Make it a point to ensure that your phone actually enjoys some naptime. This is to prevent it from losing battery charge when it is in idle mode. All you need to do is to switch it off when not in use.

These steps should do the trick and extend the life of your BB’s battery.  Otherwise, you can always look for ways to sell your BlackBerry for cash               if you have become really frustrated of your BB situation.

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