Yes, you are killing your iPhone! 5 Things You Need To Stop Doing Right Away

Everyone has lots of expectations from iPhone. They work as alarm clocks, navigators as well as our personal assistants in our daily life. With respect to millions of sale at a worldwide level, iPhone is a considered as the biggest innovation of present era. Every invention has pros as well as cons. With all the benefits iPhone is providing, it too has some issues as well because of which many people think iPhone is not worthy. That is why; some people prefer using Android devices. Rather than switching to Android phones, you can avoid hassles you are facing in your iPhone as follows.

Here’s what you can stop doing right away for future improvements of iPhone so as to save many factors.

1. Swipe Up to Kill Applications:

Swiping up is done to kill the apps which is the biggest mistake made by iOS users during utilization of a smartphone or tablet. This version doesn’t allow the applications to run in a simple way in the background.

Therefore, when an app is minimized by pressing the home button, the process gets frozen and further; it is stored in the memory. Then, the app has about a 10-minute window for finishing the tasks left over before system puts a hold over it.iphone

There are several exceptions that include as follows:

  • Applications that are having accessibility to GPS information.
  • Mapping out the applications that are designed to give an offering to you with proper guidelines.
  • Built-in Phone application, voice over internet protocol apps such as Skype along with currently active calls & face time.
  • Playback music, audio recording, and the making of music applications.

This is meant that any application having an access to GPS information stays open in the background. But other applications that are in an active mode and are doing something can be easily spotted at the top of the screen.

There are several apps that take a benefit of exceptions so as to open their apps in the background. One such example is Dropbox that utilizes the data of location for waking the application and continue with uploading of pictures from the Camera roll present in the background. There is a need to check these applications in a careful manner, and if still, your batteries start depleting at a quick rate then there is a need to revoke its accessibility.

2. Insurance:

Insurance of an iPhone may feel unnecessary but it will help in saving a lot of time as well as money especially during weird cases like dropping of the device in a toilet or any such kind of clumsy situation etc… This not only recovers all kinds of damages but there are several policies that provide the options for replacement in case your gadget gets stolen or something.

Researchers say that most of the Americans face this common reality of lost and damaged phones. So, my recommendation is better to be safe rather than apologizing.

3. Turn Your Phone Off:

You should focus on switching off your phone at least once in 7 days otherwise, its battery will die quickly in comparison to normal. Experts have a view that leaving the phone on and in idle mode will stress out the battery.

4. Charging Wrongly:

iPhone consists of some kind of advanced circuitry for preventing its lithium-ion battery from overcharging. In case you are a starter, you should remove your iPhone casing during the time of charging so that the case does not trap any kind of heat. Charging should be done as per possibility. There should be proper management of the battery for extending the life of the battery. So, be aware of your habits.

5. Plugging iPhone into the inactive computer:

Sometimes, one misplaces its charging block and in that case, one can plug into the computer. But if your phone is connected to a computer that is off or in sleep or standby mode; such things can cause a lot of issues. So, to avoid battery drainage; kindly make sure to plug in and power on your computer during charging.

Final Thoughts

If you really want to enjoy the worth of iPhone, then it’s high time to amend your ways for its betterment!

About Author:

Liza Kosh is the senior editor at JemJem; an E-commerce website for refurbished Apple products and accessories in the United States. JemJem is rated as the third largest website by the popular American internet media company BuzzFeed. To know her visit:

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