Xiaomi’s first Linux laptop to launch next year

Xiaomi is currently the third largest smartphone suppliers in the world. It is well known for supplying smartphones, and it produced its first smartphone early in 2011. It produced 60 million smartphones in 2014. It is a company whose headquarters are based in Beijing, China. Being one of the electronic giants in the world followed by other brands such as Lenovo and LG. Samsung is currently the world’s largest and most popular brand closely followed by Apple and then Xiaomi. Even though the company is based in China, it has expanded its roots and has spread out to other places such as India, Indonesia, Brazil and other areas. Its products include Mi pad that is one of the most popular wearables in the world, Mi Note, Mi. Note Pro, MIUI (Operating system and others).It is also known for the production of Smart home products such as the Yi smart webcam, Yi action camera, Mi water purifier, Air purifier and others. Recently there were rumors from DigiTimes Industry whereby sources claim that Xiaomi will launch its first Linux laptop early next year. The rumors are not yet confirmed as the sources are not always totally correct, so all we can do is just wait and see what these giants have in store for us. These might be the biggest world news regarding the new technology. They are rumored to produce two notebooks early 2016 which include:

I sporting a 12.5-inch display

This is rumored to be produced by Inventec, who may partners with Xiaomi. Inventec is very popular and well known for making laptops for Acer and Toshiba. The initial order that has been placed is of 250000 units.

13.3-inch display

The other one is rumored to have a larger screen. Well, that is not the only difference they will have as each device will be produced by a different ODM. This one is said to be produced by the renowned Compal Electronics, which are also very well known for making devices and products for Apple and other various PlayStations. Here, Xiaomi is said to have placed an order of 300000 units that is the very first order.

15-inch notebook

Xiaomi is also said to be in preparations to produce this notebook that is said to be Linux based. The notebook is still being developed, and the information has not yet been confirmed by the company. The sources of the information are not 100% percent accurate, and until the information is confirmed, we cannot confirm the news. The notebook is said to be still in development, and it is said to be launched by early next year. The notebook will be de-developed by Inventec, a well-known company and is said to have a retail price of 470 US$.  Apparently the company is said to be partnering with two producers that are Inventec and Foxconn. This size was chosen because of various reasons one being that it is currently the most used in China and hence due to its popularity is considered to be the most appropriate one. Because of this development, the company will be opening a new battle with some of the giants such as Apple, Lenovo, LG among others.


Since Xiaomi was founded, they have been well-known for producing smartphones even though it also produces other electronics. Xiaomi is a big company with over 1.1 billion worth of investments alone. The company was supposed to partner with other companies such as Inventec and Compal in the production of their very first laptops. Inventec chairman did confirm the collaboration between the two companies claiming that they had agreed to partner with Xiaomi in the production of the first laptops that will be launched early next year. The company has apparently had talks with Samsung to provide them with memory chips. Inventec and Compal are supposed to produce the given laptops in certain orders all carrying the label of Xiaomi. Xiaomi currently has 200million users so for them to take such a step is not over-ambitious. This will only increase their popularity, and it seems that next year, the company has a lot of storage for its users.



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