WiFi Wireless Home Network Security Tips

Do you have a wireless network? Well, if you think you need security tips for this, you don’t have to worry, as you could always get them all here. Your wireless network would open up a whole lot of different and possible attacks as compared to those wired network. On the other hand, security is a kind of system and that is why you will have to consider combining all of these tips rather choosing the simplest form for you to implement. Here are the good tips for you:

  • Change the Default Admin Username and Password- Your router or access point is the main device of your network. Such kind of device mainly gives out local web page wherein you could configure and login the device. All of the manufactures have their similar passwords and username. Hackers know such and would attempt basic passwords and username on your router. Some of the common usernames that you could find are administrators or admin.
  • Alter your SSID- the SSID is the wireless network name of the access router or point. Most of the manufacturers would ship all of these devices with similar SSID. Such network name is visible by anyone who is in range and it gives away the make of the router. When changing the SSID, do not change it out to anything that will provide you away to your neighbors. Thus, you should not use your last name for the network.
  • Make use of strong encryption- Make it use that you do not use WEP. Anyone could actually download a simple kind of program and crack up your WEP encryption key in few minutes. Instead, you can just use WPA or the WPA2. This kind of encryption will definitely secure your wireless network more than the WEP. As soon as the stronger encryption will definitely secure your wireless network more than the WEP.
  • Do not broadcast your SSID- If you suspected that your Wi-Fi network would be a simple target to the hackers, it would be a little recommended for you to simply configure your router not to broadcast your SSID. It would only mean that you need to pre-configure your strategies with the Network Key and SSID and then arrange all of the setting upon your router. When there is someone else who tried to look for the wireless network into the range, yours will never show up. The network name of your SSID would then be on the “stealth mode”. Some of those hackers could simply figure out the hidden SSID. The only thing is that, this tip together with the others being mentioned would assist your entire Wi-Fi security.

There are actually a lot of ways for you to secure your Wi-Fi, you only have to always remember that security would always be a good system. There are many features coming together in order to create a secure system and help yourself in securing your wireless network all set. So, what are you waiting for? Consider those tips now.

Mark Baleos is a freelance Online Marketing and Technology writer. He is currently writing guest posts on behalf of WebDrive.co.nz, a B2B company that provides a full range of web hosting & technology products to corporations & web development companies.

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