Why You Should Stop Going on Facebook at Work

Chances are, you don’t really give much thought to how many times you check Facebook each day. Also, it is likely that you aren’t even truly aware of why you do so. Here’s a plausible reason why: Facebook . Do you log in to Facebook as soon as you get home from work? It seems that you are not alone. A study from Sweden’s University of Gothenburg has found that 70 percent of people log in to the social networking site as soon as they power up their computers. This behavior can turn into an addiction since it is a habit.

The report also found that men are less active than women on Facebook. Men spend an average of 64 minutes on the site, while women spend an average of 81 minutes. It was found that Facebook users with low education and low income spend more time on Facebook than other groups do. Also, frequent Facebook users reported that they were less happy and content with their lives.

How to Enjoy Your Time on Facebook


It makes you sad and jealous

Another study from Darmstadt, Germany found that people get jealous, sad and lonely when seeing photos of other people’s vacations and hearing about their work and life successes. The study from Humboldt University and Technical University said researchers noted that every one in three people felt worse after they visited the site and were the most dissatisfied with their own lives. Vacation photos garnered the most resentment, followed by social interactions, researchers determined.


It has a negative impact on your health

Facebook was found to contribute to weight gain. If you want to lose weight, you might want to stay away from Facebook for a long, long time. Andrew Stephen of the University of Pittsburgh and Keith Wilcox of Columbia University in New York conducted a study that found people who frequently use Facebook for interaction with friends and loved ones get higher levels of self-esteem just by doing so but that benefit comes with a caveat; it decreases self-control, making people much more likely to make bad choices in terms of food, as compared to people who did not go on Facebook.


It can be used for spying on you

If you are a stickler for privacy, it is a wonder why you’re even on the site at all. A video procured by The Guardian showed defense contractor Raytheon demonstrating its Rapid Information Overlay Technology (Riot) system that goes through Facebook and others social media sites to get things like check-ins, and even photos. Their system is said to figure out what you look like, what you like, where you go, and determine the people and things you are associated with. It can even predict future behavior. If you don’t want any of those things used against you, you are better off abstaining from social networks of every kind. Luckily, Raytheon has not sold the software to any other parties but the company has already admitted that the technology has been shared with the United States government and industry. They say that it is part of a joint research and development effort that was started in 2012 to aid in building a national security system that is capable of analyzing immeasurable entities from all over the internet.


It makes you procrastinate

When people are made to do any work that involved a computer and the internet, the place you will find them is Facebook along with Twitter, online shopping sites, and other delightful diversions. A lot of people seem to have forgotten that joy of getting things done but if they stay away from Facebook and other online distractions, they are bound to get more accomplished in less time. Instead of putting off listening to voice mail for Facebook, try doing what you need to do and then you will have time to do what you want.