Why Keyword Research Is Crucial For A Successful PPC Campaign

Benefit of PPC Management ServiceA successful PPC campaign relies on a significant amount of keyword research, this research needs to be thorough and effective in order to gain clicks that will turn into revenue. With the average price of a click at $0.84, it is increasingly importance to get your moneys worth for each click. Placing your advertisement in the right place for the right reasons is the key to increasing you conversion rate. Especially when considering there has been a slow down in click-through rate ever since 2005 due to an increase in Google’s content network, it has never been more important to do effective keyword research.

Being Thorough

A thorough approach to keyword research is truly essential. In order to maximize the success of your campaign, you must consider mapping out the website in terms of key words as only the beginning of your keyword research for your PPC campaign. For the campaign there are many things to consider. Firstly, having a good site filled with interesting content will increase your quality score, which will help improve placement and pricing of your campaign. Completing a Google search query report is a valuable starting point when researching keywords for a PPC campaign. In order to understand what keywords to include and eliminate, there needs to be a thorough understanding of which searches are directing people to your website. An extensive knowledge of the way people find a site can really help with optimizing your keywords, which ultimately turn clicks into revenue.

Managing Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are can be just as important for a successful PPC campaign as the positive ones, by eliminating irrelevant searches you effectively save money on wasted clicks, optimizing your keywords can be one of the. An improved conversion rate is one of the main benefits of researching and changing your negative keywords. Wasted clicks, not only waste money, but they also don’t benefit your quality score, something that can really benefit your PPC campaign. The rewards that comes with a higher quality score are well worth considering if you want to have a successful PPC campaign, lower prices and more relevant placing for your advertisements will increase revenue in the long run. With negative keywords it is important to make sure that they are just as well researched as the normal ones, copying an unchecked list could be potentially as damaging as it is helpful.

Page Titles

Page titles are an important thing to consider when doing keyword research, these are the things that are shows when  your page appears on google. Unlike keywords, which need to be very specific, these can be more word. With a longer more descriptive title, you can increase your chances of people clicking on your advertisement.

Need a helping hand?

Overall, the importance of keyword research cant be underestimated, it takes time and effort to create a successful campaign that turns clicks into revenue for your company. Keyword research can not be taken on as a quick task, it requires thorough research as well as an in depth knowledge of how keywords work to create a successful PPC campaign. This can be a daunting task and it can be sometimes be a better use of time and money to hire a professional, many efficient and experienced companies exist to help businesses create a successful PPC campaign through effective keyword research. It is likely that choosing one of these companies could benefit your campaign significantly. In order to turn clicks into revenue keywords need to be concise and specific and implemented in a way that will increase Pagerank, ultimately decreasing cost and  creating a higher quality score.


This is a guest post written by Craig Henderson on behalf of Dynamic Search. Dynamic search are an online marketing consultancy who specialise in PPC management.