Why it is sensible for Amazon to Launch a Smartphone?

There have been a lot of talks from various market analysts as well as technology mavericks on the newest announcement made by amazon.com that divulges the amazon’s plans for launching a smartphone. It is been one of the most talked about issues lately, raising a lot of questions and speculations from different people. They are planning to join forces with an eminent Chinese firm named Foxconn which makes the amazing iPhones to fabricate the famous Android OS enabled phones.

Even though they have been a great ambassador of online market but then moving to the business of manufacturing smart phones is definitely a huge risk taken. A lot of talksare going on due to the high risk factors that have been involved in such a big announcement but then there are few reasons that have made this announcement quite a sensible one to be made.

The common points on which amazon has made this announcement of launching a smart phone have been highlighted below,

  • When it comes to defining the online market of e-commerce as well as communication then Smart phones are one of the biggest thingamajigs you can think of. Thus putting you money on smart phones won’t be such an bad idea in terms of long time business as its been seen that the market for smart phones are quite ripe and all the people as well as the companies that have been associated with this product are making hell lot of money out of this.
  • Amazon itself has a huge number of royal customers and besides having such an immense number of customers; they also have enormous fan followings on its digital eco system. They are thinking about getting a significant success that they had in case of launching kindle fire tab.
  • Amazon has always been quite clever with their business strategies even when they launched the kindle fire tablet; they made sure the price of that tab is on the cheaper side so that the customers are allured towards buying it. Thus launching a cheaper yet quality tab they complete really well in terms of marketing as well as sales, with the famous Apple iPad. So such witty business stratagems may bail them out this time around too.


There is a bigger picture hiding behind the launch of smart phones as previously when they launched the tablet, the users could not carry that with them everywhere as it being too large in size but in case of this smart phones it’s a bit different this time around as not only the user can carry it all the times but also they can easily get in touch with various products of amazon such as movie tickets, music, e-books even when they are on their way, irrespective of the time and place, people are connected with amazon 24hours. Thus amazon can easily market their other products too via smart phones. There are few apps that are really helpful for the user who are interested in shopping online products and other online contents.


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