Why Do I Need VPN Software To Access Severs Overseas?

You might be one of the many people that has seen numerous advertisements suggesting that you sign up to a VPN server service. Most people do not see any reason why they would need a VPN server because they already have anti-virus, a firewall that comes with their operating system, and you will also have a firewall on your router connecting you to the internet. Firewall are effective in blocking corrupted or suspicious looking traffic and anti-virus should detect any corrupt or malicious files on your computer.

Why would you need a VPN when you have all this?

One of the reasons most people use VPNs is because of the way they use the internet.

For example, one would assume that anyone connecting to the Dark Web will be using a VPN to hide their identity. This is because VPN connections are highly encrypted making it almost impossible for anyone to capture data from the connection made between your device and the VPN server. As a result, you are offered peace of mind because you will have complete privacy.

If you wanted to watch watch bbc iplayer abroad, then a VPN server will help you connect to a device that is in the UK and stream bbc iplayer via the UK based device.

The bbc iplayer example is probably the best example as to why people use VPN server. The reason you need a VPN to connect to the iplayer from abroad is because the BBC will not allow a connection to British TV from overseas. You are supposed to have a TV license because BBC is a national funded entertainment network and therefore anyone outside of the United Kingdom should not be able to watch British TV.

There are many other entertainment websites that will not allow you to connect or request data from outside of the host country. The only way around this is by connecting to a VPN server inside the country of the website you want to stream or view content. This way the VPN server will make all requests for data on behalf of your device via the private and encrypted connection created.

For instance, all bbc iplayer vpn services will 100% have a server in the UK you can connect to otherwise it would not be a bbc iplayer vpn. You would connect to the server and it would make all requests from the iplayer server using its British based identification. Once iplayer is happy it is sending information to a British based server, then the stream are sent to the server. The VPN server then sends that data back to your device.

You will now be able to watch all content on iPlayer as if you were physically sat inside the UK. Nearly every Brit that wants to stay up to date with Peaky Blinders or Match of the Day soccer highlights will be able to from anywhere in the world. The same applies to French that want to watch French TV, Swiss, German, and so on!

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