Why Buy a Laptop Instead of a Desktop?

Laptop-vs-DesktopIn today’s world of technological advancements choosing between a laptop and a desktop is no longer a simple decision. There are many features and options in both cases of laptops and desktops pertaining to size, location and usage. This article aims to help you to choose what is most suitable to your purpose.

Size and Location

When buying a personal computer, be it a laptop or a desktop, the first thing that you would want to consider is the space that is available to you for your device. Laptops are obviously smaller and thus more compact than desktops. If you are going to use your personal computer in a small space like a cubicle, then laptop is best for you. Laptops are also lightweight and easily portable, unlike desktops which have many assembled parts connected by wires and cables that can become cumbersome if you want to move it. Laptops save a lot of space for the very fact that they need not be stationary. Laptops can also be a wise choice if your family has an older student who needs to do homework in a quiet place away from the family room, or work in the library, classroom or at a friend’s house.


Laptops have gained much popularity because of this reason – they are portable. You can carry your laptop basically anywhere. The lightness of the device is also a boon – you can carry your laptop in its handy case. Be it travelling intrastate or abroad, a laptop has no problems being carried around. Laptops may be less powerful than desktops, the deciding factor becomes portability. With a laptop you can play your favourite games, chat, email and write papers at anytime and anyplace.


Laptops will save more power than desktops, even though the former require more power to function than the latter. However, laptops do not require the cost of buying a UPS or uninterruptible power supply unit. In case of power cuts and blackouts, laptops use the charge stored in their batteries to carry on working. Standby time for a standard laptop is about 3 hours. Latest graphics cards tend not to work on desktops so if you are into gaming, go for a laptop.


Of course, initially a new piece of technology is costly. However, on a long term basis, laptops are cheaper than desktops. Laptops come with upgradable RAMs and Hard Disk Drives. You can save on webcams and other features because these are already built in with the laptop. Many companies like Hewlett Packard offer a range of laptops with very attractive discounts.


By now you must have had made up a mind regarding what you want to purchase, with ever growing demand in portability and technically superior gadgets, consumers look up for faster and cheaper products, however at times when your situation with cash is not so good but you still need to purchase the gadget of your choice, you can always look up for the promo codes, which can be found in abundance over the sites like Retailmenot, Coupons.com, Voucher king, Hot UK Deals and more, for instance both Dell and Hewlett Packard discount codes can be found throughout the internet and money saving forums.