Where Can You Buy Shavers & Trimmers Online in India

No doubt, shaving is an art of manliness, but how much expertise you hold in that art depends a lot on the kind of shavers you are using. There are lots of other complimenting accessories associated with it like brushes, razors and blades. There are different types of Shavers and Trimmers available in the market. Some of them are traditional whereas others are with some modern blends.

As far as the overall performances of both the types are concerned, then well my personal choice always goes with the traditional ones- that double edged safety razor. It is best for smooth and enjoyable shaving. As far as the design of double edged razor is concerned then I will say that it is very simple. It comes with a simple piece of steel metal, having two cutting edges on both the sides. It is also lasts for a longer period.

Some people have the habit of doing it without any shaving cream applied -which is something not recommended. If you want a close and smooth save, then it’s always good to shave with shaving cream.  You may come across lots of Shavers & Trimmers on the web as well as offline in any local provision or medical stores, but the difficult task is finding the right kind of Shaver as coarseness of the beard may vary from person to person. Skin type also needs to be considered. For those who are new shavers-they should always start with the mild ones.

Below I have tried my best to enlist the e-address of some websites which are rated extremely well for online shopping. You can also try them for buying shavers & Trimmers.


Whenever there is a discussion of beauty and personal care products then Nykaa’s name always comes first. Founded in 2012, it is India’s best online store for beauty and wellness grooming and wellness products. Braun, Remington, Philips and Vega are the main brand of Trimmers & Shavers on Nykaa.


It is necessary for me to put Purplle.com name here, as it is at par with Nykaa when it comes to the variety of the products. Its services also are very good. On a purchase amount of Rs. 1500 you are getting a discount of 15%. Braun and Andis are the main brands of Trimmers & Shavers on purplle.com.


Shopclues is the top most Indian E-commerce company operating exclusively in India. There is a good offer from shopclues on Shavers & Trimmers. Offer and the percentage of discount may vary from brand to brand. Some well to do brands are Philips, Braun, Andis and Remington.


Amazon is too good for buying anything. So for your shaving essentials too, you can entrust with Amazon. Go and check it yourself. It will be much better as you can understand the things very easily. The user application of Amazon also is very good. Philips, Panasonic and Braun are the running brands of Trimmers and Shavers on Amazon.


Healthcart.com too is an excellent place for buying Trimmers and Shavers online in India. In personal and baby care category, click oral care. There you will find dozens of different brands of Trimmers and Shavers. Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Mouth Wash, Freshener and Tooth Dispenser are the dental care products available on Healthcartt.com Select one or all, depending upon your requirements.

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