When and why savvy bloggers should implement landing pages?

Reverse Cell Phone Search ServiceMotivating readers to take action over and over again is the miraculous formula for the growth of your blog. In this way, you have to get your viewers into your funnel of email list so that you can convince them to buy a product from you. And Landing Page is the best option in the world when it comes to do this. Most savvy bloggers use landing page due to below reasons:

  1. It works: For driving up readers in your landing page, you would observe up to 40% email subscriptions hike in your account.
  2. Possible to track them: With the help of any tracking software, it is said to be easier to keep track on a specific landing page. For instance, you can track on keywords and total visits on your landing page by using Google Analytics.
  3. Easy to optimize: You can now boost up the performance by testing out multiple versions of landing page. You can get excellent information by taking a simple split test so that you and act immediately. The combinations of the same page can dynamically be tested out by running multivariate tests.
  4. Let you know about whole story: Telling about the complete success story is the easier and most innovative idea to attract readers for taking action. For instance, in an email landing page, you can tell about sign-up bonus, offers in future and so on.
  5. Specific feedback: With the help of latest tools for landing page, the readers can also comment their feedback by signing in through Facebook, WordPress or any other social media account. With positive feedback on your landing page, it will affect positively on the minds of other readers. These comments can boost up “conversion rate” on your landing page.

Effective ways to use landing page

To use landing page, all you need to have a specific Landing Page Generator. It helps to do it in many ways. It’s time to discuss about using best ways to make use of landing pages.

  1.  Email lists: These are what make anyone rich and popular and it could be a good start for you.
  2. Interest-oriented email lists: Here you can pick a large email list and split the same into targeted, small and interest-oriented ones. In this way, you can boost up your sales and conversion rates.
  3. Focused: There is no best way in the world than landing pages to pay whole attention on sales.
  4. Video tutorials: To spread your message with video presentation, landing pages are also best way. To supercharge list building on your landing page, video can also be combined with an email opt-in.
  5. Kick start with social media: Facebook Fan Page is another medium to drive traffic by using a dedicated landing page.
  6. Pillar pages: You can make a specific category including list of posts to seduce the search engine to increase traffic on your landing page.
  7. Guest Post: Landing page is also created with an aim to guest post for the Audience.
  8. Sales page: Sales pages are the pages which tell you complete sales history in 6 to 10 pages. But creating a long-form sales page is not necessary. It is ok to make sales page which is not longer than 3 to 4 pages. This page can easily be pulled off with OptimizePress and Premise.
  9. Quick prototyping: Instead of spending several precious hours to create a full-fledged site for the first time, it is best to check out the demand by making an instant landing page. It saves you from hassles of designing an entire website.
  10. Surveys and polls: Polls and Surveys are the two ways to test your credibility; first one is for being embedded on blogs and other one is for generating a dedicated landing page.

When should you use landing page?

For all inbound campaign operated by you, landing page is the best option to try out. Though you are dealing on multiple products or services and setting up different user segments and promotional offers, an ordinary homepage in your website cannot support this. How much your inbound marketing campaign is effective and styled is depend upon email, PPC, social media, display banner and other organic source.

When it comes to communicate the customers of various groups about your offerings and discounts on your products, generating separate landing page for each product you are offering is the top-tier plan for your promotions. Landing page also allows you to keep the customer’s data confidential.