What You Should Know Before Buying a Mobile Phone This Christmas

It’s almost Christmas and a lot of people are thinking of buying gadgets as gift for their loved ones or for themselves. With so many choices available in the mobile phone market nowadays, it’s actually a little hard and maybe a tad overwhelming to buy a new unit. Unless you have your heart set on a particular device, navigating through all the brands and specs can be a bit daunting.

So to help you decide on the right mobile phone for you, here are some things to know:

You can get a regular mobile phone or a smartphone

If you’re just looking for something you can call and message with, then you can get a regular mobile phone. There are cheap but sturdy and reliable models out there that can give you a great investment for a relatively small amount. A smartphone, on the other hand is more than just a phone. It can be a multi-tasking tool for you especially if you need a business phone service.

You have to think about what kind of interface you’d like

The way you use your mobile phone is important. Try to feel how a numeric keypad, a QWERTY keypad or a full touch screen interface works with you. People who are used to landlines usually prefer a numeric keypad while those who are always on the computer find a QWERTY keypad more comfortable. If you like the versatility of the touch screen but still need the tactile feedback, there are models that have both the touch screen and a keypad.

You have to think about the reparability and the warranty

It’s always good to buy from authorized resellers or large electronics stores so you know where to get your device fixed once it’s broken. You may think that thinking on whether your device needs to be repaired even before you but it is too much but let’s face it. Sooner or later it’s going to have problems, and it’s a big factor if there is a service center that is accessible to you if that ever happens. You should also check he warranty and what it covers.

There are always people reviewing and taking videos of how devices are unboxedIf you search online, you can find a myriad of sites and ordinary bloggers who review mobile phones. If you have a particular model in mind but aren’t sure about it, get firsthand info from people that actually own the device. You can also see how the phone is supposed to look once you’ve unboxed it on YouTube.

Prices vary store to store.

The mobile phone market is very competitive, which is a great thing for the consumer. Be sure to check prices online and in different stores. It’s best to go to a complex where a lot of electronics stores sell the same model. You can always inquire in one store and then go to another. Once you’ve made your circuit through the entire complex, you can decide which price is the best. Always ask if they have freebies like SD cards, phone cases and screen protectors.