What You Should Know About Google Tag Manager?

Recently, Google introduced the Google Tag Manager as their counterpart in the Tag Management Solution. Some people knew this product but most people do not have any idea about it. In this sense, it is important to know this product, how it will be used in online marketing and how it differs among other solutions.

Google decided to create a tag management system that will make online marketing a lot easier. Perhaps, you are wondering how tagging will benefit many companies. Apparently, Google Tag Manager is a tool that can help online marketers do the job well and easier. There are several Tag Management Solutions available yet will cost you some amount of money. The good thing about the Google Tag Manager is that it can be obtained free.

This tool will help in leveraging revenues and eventually making the company successful through proper Tag Management Solutions.  It offers features that will surely answer your needs as compared to other tag management systems. However, make sure that you have enough understanding about this product in order to obtain the best results.

How does Google Tag Manager Works?

The Google Tag Manager is designed to consolidate multi-website tags. It also allows adding and updating of tags without hiring the services of IT professionals. This tool is useful particularly when used in AdWords conversion. All you have to do is create your account so that you can utilize AdWords tag template by simply logging in to your account. The workflow process is shorter as compared when doing the normal process.

Advantages of using Google Tag Manager

  1. Installing the Google Tag Manager gives opportunity in evaluating the tagging strategy when making corrections and improvements.
  2. Decrease the page loading time by using the specific URLs.
  3. Leveraging the Google Tag Manager will expand the possibilities of collecting analytics data. Likewise, this tagging tool also allows setting custom variables.
  4. Increase the consistency and accuracy of tags.
  5. Easier to determine the tags as it increases the visibility. It also turns off unnecessary tags within the website.
  6. Using the GTM permission hierarchy allows users to use different options such as view only, view and edit as well as view, edit and publish.

Comparing Google Tag Manager with other Tag Management Solutions

When it comes to cost, Google Tag Manager will not require spending of money because it is free. Likewise, there is no limit in terms of page views that is why it can be installed in different websites and domains. No SLA is associated with it as compared to paid tag management solutions.

In addition, GTM promises fast tag delivery as it uses a Content Delivery Network. Loading of tags is done quickly across servers throughout the world. On the other hand, this tagging tool has limited tag templates. All features of Google Tag Manager ensure giving ease to users in managing different kinds of tags within the website. Indeed, this tagging tool is an effective tagging strategy that suits the needs of web users. It is also an effective tool in leveraging the revenues of a company when used in online marketing.


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