What You Need So You Can Work While on Vacation

It’s only a few more weeks until summer and, if you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking of going on vacation.  After all, it would be a really big shame if you don’t take advantage of the excellent weather to be outdoors and to experience a few new interesting things.  Much besides, everyone is encouraged to take some time off once in a while anyway.  So why not take this opportunity to enjoy?

Of course, there’s just one teeny tiny problem when it comes to vacationing during this season:  you’re not working.  While it is true that the number one reason for going on a summer holiday is taking a break from work, NOT working while on vacation is no longer an option for many professionals out there.

It may be that they hold key positions at work, and they need to be consulted for some major decisions.  It may be that they work as freelancers or consultants, and thus don’t enjoy the regular income normal employees have.  Either way, keeping their work separate from their free time is nigh-near impossible.  And if you’re one of them, you probably know that completely leaving work behind while you’re on vacation may actually be more stressful than taking some of your work with you.  The question now, is, what do you need to work effectively while you’re on vacation?

Here are the essentials of a successful “workation”.

Internet Connection

Let’s face it:  we can’t live or work without the internet anymore, as it allows us to have access to everything we need, from online resources and online services.  If you want to make sure that you can get some work done during your vacation, you need to have this type of connection.  This is why you need to make sure that, wherever it is you’re going, you have internet access.  It doesn’t need to be at the actual hotel, resort, or inn that you’re staying in; more often than not, vacation destinations have designated business areas that offer WiFi.

Of course, you may end up in a place that DOESN’T have internet connection (it’s rare, but it happens).  In cases like that, having a wireless modem or mobile hotspot is a good idea.  They’re not necessarily high-speed internet solutions, but it’s better than not having any Internet connection at all.  Currently, Clear service packages (powered by Sprint) are known to give excellent value for money.  But there are other options that you can explore.


While we can all theoretically keep in touch with colleagues and employees by relying primarily on email and private messaging programs, phone calls are still necessary to get some work done.  Real time voice communications not only convey urgency, but also make clarifying the details of a project much easier.  The problem is, of course, that long-distance telecommunication can be expensive.

This is where affordable business phone solutions come in.  If you happen to be using an enterprise-level VoIP phone service like RingCentral for your work, you can cut down the costs of your long-distance business calls.  As long as your phone device of choice (smartphone, feature mobile, landline, or computer) is identified as an extension or has the necessary program running, all your client and colleague calls will be routed to you as if you were in your office.

Mobile Hardware

Speaking of devices, you will also need gadgets that you can easily carry around with you so you can use some of your free time to check on updates from work.  These days, the hardware of choice happens to be smartphones or tablets.  But regular mobile phones and laptops can work just as well in a pinch.

The best brand of mobile hardware mostly depends on the line of work that you happen to be in.  That being said, you probably already have these at hand – you just have to make sure that you don’t forget to bring them.

A Final Word

Keep in mind that these things help you keep up with your work while you’re on vacation.  They aren’t there to actually get in the way of your holiday.  When you’re on a “workation”, remember that the “vacation” part is just as important as the “work” part.