What You Can Expect from Using Virtual Office

Modern office setups continue to gain popularity among businessmen of today because they allow you to have a bigger office without you having to tear down your old one. All that you need to do is move out some of your office assistants to different locations outside the office where they would take calls. These places could be the park, the mall, or even their own homes. They are able to do so because their phones are hooked up to the computer system which is run by the virtual receptionist.

This is what makes the entire setup virtual. Because your assistants are interspersed outside your physical office space, you appear you to have a bigger office and at least expense. I can’t agree more. Even though your business is doing quite well in terms of profits earned, it is still hard to imagine how much money you would have to spend to rebuild your current office to accommodate your growing number of assistants as well as pieces of office equipment and furniture.

But aside from saving a lot of money in terms of office reconstruction expenses, what else can you expect from using this modern office set up? It took me a while to decide but eventually, I signed up for a RingCentral virtual office package. After I decided to take a leap of faith by trying out this setup, I noticed that my present business office had become roomier. Before, it looked overcrowded just like a marketplace and some of my guys were finding it hard to do their jobs. Now, my regular office people whose tasks comprise of keeping records and maintaining files seem to look more comfortable as they go about their daily tasks. The office environment had also become much cooler and quiet.

With regard to office equipment, less clutter was seen because in one small corner was the computer system that runs this office set up.

With regard to some of my assistants whom I assigned to the field to take calls, they were at first not cool with the idea. That’s because they got used to seeing and talking with their officemates every day. Some of them have become good friends who would always share a nice lunch every day. They felt kind of worried about making adjustments to the new work routine. Some of these adjustments include having to work by their lonesome and eating lunch alone. But they were able to make the smooth transition in their routine because I made it a point to conduct regular meetings though I often do it with the use of the phone.

Speaking of gradually adjusting to working outside the office, there is a chance that some of your people might be tempted to slack off every now and then. I feel that conducting regular meetings prevents this kind of problem from rearing its head. When you meet with your assistants on a regular basis, you give them the feeling that you are keeping an eye on them. At the same time, you keep yourself updated with what’s happening in your business operation.

Aside from experiencing improvement in the way business operations are carried out, you can also expect to have happier and more satisfied customers. That’s because their calls are forwarded by the virtual assistant to the people taking calls in remote locations. In this way, customers do not have to have to wait for several minutes before their calls are attended to.