What to keep in mind for Making Your Video Stand Out

We often consider that a good pic or video can only be possible with an expensive camera or any latest editing software. Well, the trust is they are not enough. There’s so much more that goes into planning, shooting, and editing a project. We can say with hundred percent surely that your production is going to fall short of even the lowest expectations, despite of sending lots of dollars, if you are not going to keep some basics rules in your mind. Even if the shoot itself does not run as smoothly as you had hoped, there are always great possibilities  that you are going to fall back on your director’s intuition, but whether you are interviewing a notable figure or you are covering a fast-paced, multi-camera event, here are few basic things to keep in mind to make your video stand head and shoulders above the rest:

Here are 3 Ways to Send Video In Email :

1):- Plan shoot more than one full day prior to production

Infinite professional folks become the victim of very small & simple preparation errors just because of the hurry. They get ready on the day of a shoot or the night prior to it, which is so wrong. Knowing your “ideal” location, getting the space from all angles possible, connected yourself well with your subject, starting to do pack two to three days before, taking stock of (that includes creating a written checklist) your all equipments, & having detailed schedules of all of the crew members, talent, & interview subjects are very necessary to create a streamlined day of production that is as easy as possible for everybody  involved, including you.

Nobody is above doing all basic preparation in advance, as even one careless mistake do not discriminate. Your brain is not going to be preoccupied with little issues or details, so you will be capable to explore more of dynamic shots, new angles, & spontaneous interview questions with a crystal clear mind when you do not have to worry about who packed what & where.

2):- Do not be afraid to go with natural light

Most of the folks feel comfortable in studio lighting. It is easy, controllable, & absolutely at our disposal. But, often the most beautiful shots for even the most basic productions result from taking benefit of the most obvious &underused light source. That is the sun. It is your best & brightest light source. Diffused lighting looks fantastic at twilight (or “the magic hour”), and it makes a dynamic mood that works for few shoots, & not for others. Yet, be aware of it.

3):- Capture good sound instead of the easy one

On board, microphones are there got a purpose. They capture sound. But, we are in the business of getting very good sound, & these microphones, whilst convenient, just do not get the job done well. Lavaliers & shotguns are the way to go. Few of them are bit pricey, but bad audio cannot be easily corrected at all. Poorly captured audio ruins a video, & even an entire production, even if the visuals are so perfect. Opting an accurate sound-capturing device you are familiar with using is important to provide your client ( as well as yourself) with crystal-clear sounds to accompany their footage.

4):- Keep graphics simple & understated

Once the tough physical labor of shooting a project is over, it is easy to get excited about just sitting in the editing room with the whole world of creative options seriously at your fingertips. But, it is necessary not to get crazy with text, graphic, & other visual enhancements. You need to keep your project in your mind. Do you really require that fancy glistening effect on introduction text, or does it look right & coll with no context? You need to keep graphics in line with your project so that they do not distract from whatever narrative you are constructing. These are actually accents, not definitions; so, do not let them overpower your all work in telling your story.

5):- Keep editing simple & uncomplicated

Your video has a story that is telling the viewer something, & they should not be distracted by flashy editing that messes with content, pacing, or visual flow merely because you desire to show off. You need to keep everything simple & decent often. Let your content speaks.

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