What the Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 Can Offer

The world has advanced in a very fast yet productive pace. Keeping up with all the products that technology can offer can be a very tedious task for many businesses. Searching for the best products and services in the market can be easily done when an entrepreneur gets first-hand information directly from the service provider or from existing customers. All of which can be done by browsing through the Internet. Oftentimes, the latest trends and deals on many devices and gadgets can be seen on the Internet prior to reading it from magazines, books, or even newspapers. Getting a monthly Internet subscription to the Internet is already customary in our present generation. One common advantage of acquiring an Internet connection is communication. Many establishments these days rely on Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP when making important business transactions. However, for those who have little knowledge about its mechanization, seeking information from RingCentral VoIP provider can be helpful. Their services focus on the satisfaction of costumers; therefore this investment is a great idea to put up in your business. A very distinct advantage that may be gained with the use of the VoIP nowadays is its accessibility. Lots of digitally inclined devices are sprouting out in the market on a monthly basis. These gadgets have the capacity to get easy access to the Internet due to its advanced hardware and software components.

Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082

Image credit: GSMArena.com

An Introduction to the Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082

The Samsung mobile company is indeed taking the lead in making the most marketable and highly-known mobile devices. Among their many portable Smartphones is the Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082. This handset presents its 5-inch multi-touch screen that emits 16 million amazing colors. With the 187ppi pixel density and 480 x 800 pixel resolution display, many customers can easily get attracted to it. The Random Access Memory (RAM) of 1GB permits the user of this handset to open multiple software programs without experiencing any slowness in its data processing. This Android unit is embodied with a Li-Ion 2100mAh battery which can be replaced by the user.


  • Connectivity is enhanced since this Smartphone supports Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA).
  • With a built-in radio, its user can readily listen to local stations even without connecting to the Internet.
  • As a handy phone that has remarkable features, it is sold in a much more affordable price.
  • More storage space is provided with its memory card slot that can capacitate up to 64GB extra storage. It means more data applications, and other multimedia files can be saved in this unit.


  • The Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 is available only in 2 colors.
  • Adobe Flash cannot be played on this handy phone.
  • There is no Corning Gorilla Glass protecting its screen.
  • There are no special attributes regarding its primary and secondary cameras.

Its Main Feature

The primary feature of this Smartphone is its capability to support 2 SIM cards at the same time. This conserves more money since there is no longer a need for the user to buy an extra mobile phone to insert an extra SIM card. In this aspect, one SIM card may be used for personal contacts and the other number for business-related transactions. It is easier to switch from one network to another and choose which one offers more affordable data plan rates, thus increasing its owner’s savings.

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