What Should I Know about Web Hosting?

If you want to make your website available to the world, you will need internet hosting service to make it accessible. Hosting via web is not really new to this world, however, some people are still not quite familiar with it. If you are unaware of the terms and their meanings, it will be hard for you to understand anything related to it. So that you would keep in pace with the latest technology and services, we have a couple of key terms and their definitions for you to learn.

Hosting Package

This refers to all those resources that you pay for when using web hosting services, and it includes a couple of essential things:

Storage or a Disk Space

You might be familiar with these two terms, as you encountered them each time you thought about a memory on your computer. The same is with storing content of your website, as you need to think about everything you want to include in it, and how much disk space you have. The cheaper the hosting plans, the less space you will need, but if you plan on running a highly dynamic website, you will need to think about increasing the disk space.

 Data Transfer or Bandwidth

As the word itself says, it is related to the amount of transferred data during a particular period of time. It differs from site to site, as it depends on the number of pages it has, and the amount of traffic in general. In the beginning, you will not be in need for great bandwidth requirement, but as your website becomes more popular, those requirements will grow.

Windows Hosting

It can be said to be quite rare, but still, those who use supported applications like NET Framework, PHP, .ASP, and similar ones will be in need for Windows hosting. It runs on Plesk, commercial automation program, and sadly, costs a pretty penny.

Linux Hosting

Because Linux is much cheaper, many people decide to use it. It supports Joomla, WordPress, PERL, and other similar applications, and it relies on cPanel and Web Host Manager admin panels.

Shared Hosting

Small websites with minimal bandwidth are usually handled by shared hosting, a single server box. Small entrepreneurs, and people who have just started using hosting services might benefit from it, as this is the cheapest, and thus more suitable option for them.

VPS Hosting

Unlike shared hosting, this VPS server is designed for the sites with higher traffic, and it only runs your website, meaning that you can manage it individually, without having to worry you will damage someone else.

Dedicated Servers

With VPS hosting you are in danger of hardware failure, that can take all the sites down, but if you are run by dedicated host, you will have no such problem. As there is one computer that hosts your website, you do not need to worry that your site will crash of other get more traffic at some point. The only disadvantage is that these services can be quite expensive.

SSL Encryption

Short for Secure Socket Layer, SSL is what encrypts data transmission on your website. Even though it is not necessarily included in the hosting plan, it is quite useful as it lowers the risk of unauthorized access to the data you have on your site. If your website requires your visitors to leave their personal information, you are in need for SSL, as it protects both you, and the users who pay visit to the site.

So if you are planning on running your own website, there are some key concepts you need to get familiar with before putting it out in the world. Think about the size of the website, the amount of traffic you are expecting, and how much money you are willing to invest in it, and these basic terms will therefore help you choose the best hosting plan.

About the author: Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He currently works with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites.

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