What Mobile Trends are Popular for 2020

2020 is almost halfway through, thus, let’s explore the mobile development market to distinguish its most demanded tendencies and technologies that prevail currently and will keep dominating in the nearest future. Here’s our top mobile trend list.

#1. IoT

Those are online physical gadgets having Internet connection. Such devices are well-equipped with gauges and sensors, data communication mechanisms, and so forth. The Internet of Things is designed to interact with data centers in order to establish one unified framework that allows to manage and process data from any point in the world.

Some of IoT techniques demand the application of 5G, since such a strong network eliminates any interruptions, supporting numerous connections. It also ensures high-capacity mobile data transmission.

The IoT vivid example would be the Yomoni app. The mentioned service gets integrated with a few connected appliances, thus, allowing the audience to customize their workflows. Moreover, the solution joins various home gadgets to manage processes automatically.

#2. iBeacon tech

We’re talking about a specific technique of transmitting data between peculiar beacons and Bluetooth appliances. iBeacon doesn’t actually engage with gadgets themselves but interacts with mobile services that, consequently, shall respond to sensors.

iBeacon-based solutions grant priceless business benefits:

  • possibility to trace movements of customers for sending them notifications in the most appropriate time. It works to inform users about your discounts, special offers, etc.;
  • a chance to assist customers in shopping in huge malls. An indoor mapping functionality will guide the audience to locate items they go after;
  • possibility to keep users updated on upcoming events to promote services and engage a wider audience.

The 2020 eCommerce website development takes advantage of iBeacon technologies, and the owners of shops, beauty parlors, health clubs, and the like would gladly enjoy the above-specified benefits.

#3. IoB

The Internet of Bodies refers to multiple diverse wearable gadgets, the number of which is predicted to reach 245 million units this year. Wearables used to be separate items, and the IoB is the means to bring them all into an integrated system to keep track of people’s health conditions.

Last year some medical organizations successfully started to take advantage of wearable solutions in their day-to-day activities. Such services provide great assistance with data collection and compilation. Wearables are widely applied for heart rate monitoring or blood glucose measuring.

Speaking of smartwatches, new services with impressive functionalities are about to appear on the market. Furthermore, sagacious organizations make smartwatches a part of their products.

#4. Augmented Reality

This year such a trend is closely interacting with multiple branches. Here are a few examples:

  • Vehicles maintenance

The idea is to sync a cell phone with a specific car. While using a particular AR service, car owners will easily see critical data – say, fluid remains, inside temperature, possible issues, etc. – if pointing a cell phone camera at the car engine. When a vehicle doesn’t operate properly, the driver will obtain the vital data to see the causes even before seeking technical assistance.

What Mobile Trends are Popular for 2020

  • Design, both exterior and interior.

Designers are enjoying AR techniques to convince their customers, proving their expert words, since clients can simply see with their own eyes concepts designers offer. Another example is the furniture selling market, as AR solutions add value to e-stores and buyers get a better online shopping experience.

There exist many more variants to take advantage of AR possibilities. Let’s say, you can receive the data you’re looking for about an organization nearby by simply hovering your phone camera on a peculiar facility.

Law-enforcement authorities enjoy the benefits of AR technologies to obtain info on specific persons. Moreover, drivers can check traffic conditions to avoid roads having huge jams. The possibilities of AR-based platforms are truly impressive.

#5. Virtual Reality

Users love the VR tech since it provides multiple perks. Say, medical college students could get specialized advanced training since VR applications will simulate the body’s anatomy to demonstrate key issues.

Diverse organizations shall use VR achievements to enhance their operation. For instance, they can recreate a certain product and predict how customers would perceive it. Furthermore, VR tools are bringing customers’ experience to the brand new level. Online shoppers would get excited to check how a dress or shoes will look on them if they buy it.

#6. Personalization

Just imagine you come to the restaurant, and waiters already know what dishes you are about to order. That’s what personalization means.

The principle is clear: you apply artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as data on clients’ preferences, and voilà – you can read your clients’ minds! All joking aside, Medium, Spotify, Netflix, and countless others enjoy those techniques. That’s how they get to the top positions in the market.

What Mobile Trends are Popular for 2020

#7. Blockchain solutions

The given technology well deserve being among 2020 mobile trends due to the value it provides. Blockchain could be successfully applied for diverse crypto transactions – by the way, those are considered to be the safest operations.

The technique in question could also be used as a basis for decentralized m-services, granting numerous advantages.

Another Blockchain usage example would be cell phones that are based on the blockchain itself, like, HTC Exodus, Finney, and many more. Apple also promises to launch such solutions any time soon.

#8. Cloud-based frameworks

Data storing has never been more delicate than nowadays. Cloud-based platforms come to the assistance to securely protect credit card details and data similar to that.

Did you know that such technologies allow you to run multiple large-scaled servers concurrently with no speed losses? Moreover, you can cut your expenses and strengthen your data protection. Cloud-based apps are really productive and efficient.

Evernote and Dropbox are living proofs of the mentioned solutions’ sustainability, thus, no wonder cloud-based tools are on our trending list.

#9. Security challenges

Undoubtedly, security issues belong to current mobile tendencies. As we’ve mentioned earlier, data protection is an essential and relevant component of the mobile tech segment.

Developers have come up with multiple information security instruments, and in 2020 more will appear. The point is especially urgent for payment platforms since in those cases lack of private data protection will cost a lot.

In conclusion, we’d like to mention that specific mobile trends – like, IoT, AI, AR & VR – serve for maximizing service capabilities. At the same time, wearables and data personalization are able to greatly enhance customers’ experience. And, blockchain technologies, in their turn, stand guard over data security. Therefore, all 2020 mobile tendencies put together to create not just platforms, but true masterpieces of technological innovations.

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