What Makes Facebook Ideal for Marketing Your Business

Businesses nowadays employ social networks as a great medium for marketing their products and services. Among of the most popular social media sites is Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook website. Who would have thought that the small network he created in his room, together with a couple of friends, would turn out to be one of the largest social networking sites in the world? The site is not only used by individuals who want to get in touch with their family and friends but it is also used by businesses to market their products by capturing a great number of audiences who use the said site. Facebook makes it possible for companies to advertise their services without needing to pay for any advertising fees. It is much cheaper in terms of advertising and certainly improves customer service by being able to accommodate to buyer’s concerns and inquiries through Facebook’s messaging system. As to how Facebook can help in marketing a business, below are four reasons:

  • Low-cost advertisingTelevision and radio advertising cost companies hundreds of dollars per day and can go higher depending on the channel, time slot and duration. That would mean thousands and millions of dollars from business earnings. When posting on Facebook, not a single dime is charged on the account no matter how many photos or statuses are posted in a day.


  • Draw local and international clients – Facebook was developed in the year 2003 solely for Harvard students to interact with each other. With the features it provides, it was not only used for US- and Canada-based universities but all over the world. From kids to adults, Facebook draws over one billion monthly new users worldwide. A business can take advantage of this scope because they can attract not only clients from their locale, but clients all over the globe. Facebook gives small businesses the opportunity to expand to all any countries.
  • Share important details about the business – In your Facebook page, post about your products and services, address, especially your company’s contact numbers such your RingCentral toll free number if you have one. Published photos of your products and service or even tag your prospect clients to increase the visibility of your business. Attract them to post photos of them while using your product by giving them a reward.   Convince them to participate in any discussion you started out in your wall about the company’s chosen industry. Ask a poll question or update your status with trivia which will attract people to learn more about your products.
  • Interact with your clients – As mentioned earlier, clients will be able to post their photos on the business’ Facebook wall and tag the company. Most loyal customers would like to interact with their favorite companies such as Starbucks. For every business, it gives them more chance to communicate with their clients through their status and photos. Starbucks can publish a photo of their new product; say a new flavor of pie. Clients will surely get excited to try it and may get back to your wall photo and give their feedback about the new pie flavor. Facebook can definitely help increase the performance of a company through client interaction. If you want to promote your product with no cost at all why not take advantage of the social networking sites online and target their billions of user.

There are millions of social networking sites that are useful for marketing a business. Facebook is just an   example that any small to large scale industries use to help market and improve their business.