What Does Your Personality Say About You – By Kapil Edke

Kapil EdkeOur personalities pretty much define who are, in a manner of speaking. In a word, personality traits give people we know a blueprint of our attitudes and character.


These traits are usually based on recurring behavioral patterns especially in circumstances of a similar nature.


For example, people faced with difficulties can react in two ways: positively, seeing the difficulties as opportunities for growth, among other things; and negatively, seeing the difficulties as obstacles that get in the way of growth or progress.


What is the Big Five?


The Big Five generally refers to a  personality traits list that enumerates the general characters of individuals.


The list summarizes personality traits that are the most common among people regardless of race or gender: Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.


Openness to Experience basically covers two groups of people: traditional or conventional types and the creative, more imaginative types. Studies show that those with low scores on this personality trait are the more conventional and straightforward types of people.


They prefer the predictable over the unpredictable; the obvious over abstract.


Conscientiousness on the other hand tests an individual’s discipline over one’s self. Someone who is conscientious will, more often than not, do what is right; follow a specific schedule, always has a plan and would rather have a fixed pattern than be spontaneous.


Extraversion meanwhile, characterizes people who are outgoing, the life of the party, who feel most comfortable in the company of others and are very sociable.


Agreeableness defines people who show compassion towards others, who are genuinely interested in other people, who are understanding and sympathetic of others and who believe that it is important for everyone to get along.


Finally, Neuroticism is a personality trait that gravitates towards the negative, particularly emotions. They are quick to anger, prone to depression, are often anxious, stressed-out and irritable.


Mood swings are very common in highly-neurotic individuals.


Music for the Soul


Now, whether you are an extrovert, neurotic, agreeable or open person; there may be times when you will feel a bit down in the dumps. Perhaps you are going through a sad or challenging phase in your life and you need a “mood-upper.”


Music has been known to refresh the soul, change one’s mood and pretty much make you feel just a bit better when you have the blues.


A lot of people believe that  music can be a happiness drug and the only way to find out is if you try music therapy on yourself.


Different types of music have different effects on people so the first thing to remember here is that a song that may have lifted the spirits of a friend may not work the same way for you.


Find a song that relaxes you – something that is easy-listening for you and not stressful – and you might just be surprised at how quickly your mood has changed.


Music can also provide you with inspiration at work or while you are doing your chores – giving you adrenalin rush that enables you to accomplish everything more effectively and efficiently.

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