What Are the Top 3 Mistakes Web Developers Make When Optimizing the Website for Mobile Devices?

Current online trends are seeing users move towards mobile browsing. This has sent websites scrambling to optimize their sites for the smaller screens of a mobile device. With so many brands adopting mobile devices, there have been a host of web design mistakes.

These are the top three mistakes web developers make when optimizing websites for mobile devices. Avoid these pitfalls when optimizing your business’s website. For elegant, functional websites with no design mistakes, visit Netstride.com today.

An Unresponsive Design

When your website is viewed on a mobile, it transitions from a horizontal layout, which you would expect to see in a desktop browser, to a vertical one. Unresponsive designs fail to acknowledge this transition. They leave mobile users having to scroll to the left and right to see all the elements of the page, a practice that is not user friendly and gets tiresome very quickly.

Startlingly, less than 17% of modern web pages feature a responsive design and adequately “shrink” down to fit mobile browsers. This doesn’t just annoy the user. Google introduced a search update which prioritizes websites with a responsive design. Therefore, if your website isn’t responsive to mobile users, it is actually harming your search ranking and SEO.

Overcome this by creating a responsive design for mobiles, tablets and desktops. The site should be optimized for any platform users are viewing your website on for the best user experience and highest search ranking.

Disabling the Pinch to Zoom Function

Users want to be able to use the pinch and zoom function. Not only does it help anyone who may have difficulty reading text on a phone screen, but it offers a close up of any images or infographics worth expanding.

Blocking this valuable feature will alienate more people than it appeases. Given that the pinch and zoom feature has no impact on web page design, it is easier to simply leave it on. Your users who don’t have the benefits of 20/20 vision will thank you.

Lengthy Menus

While long-winded menus with subcategories might work well on a desktop, on a mobile they are simply annoying. On a mobile device, menus should be kept short, with only the important information on display. Group menus into broader categories to keep them short.

Hamburger menu styles are popular on mobile devices. They provide a clear list of meu options only available when the user selects it. It is by no means the only menu option, and there are others that are better suited for some websites. However, whichever menu you select, be certain that it only contains the most important navigation features to avoid cluttering up the page.

These are the top 3 mistakes web developers make when optimizing a website for mobile devices. Making your site responsive to mobile devices alone will put your site into the top 17% of mobile sites online. Avoiding all three of these pitfalls will ensure your end result is an attractive, easy-to-use, highly-functional, quality site enhanced for mobile browsing. You can then reap the SEO benefits that come with it.

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