Website Similar to Tumblr Where you Can Pen Down Your Ideas

Blogging is one of the fastest and the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news to one another. There are literally millions of blogs online that do this to communicate with others. But the trend of writing text has shortened up and has moved up to a certain level. Writing in small text or less content and representing your idea in terms of photos and videos have taken the trend.
The response on social media is even far better to get connected with people. Today, we would be covering up the websites that are similar to Tumblr where we all can tumble up our ideas. Because throwing up ideas to millions and billions of head can only be possible if we connect with the public with Social media.

Tumblr is one of the most popular social networking and microblogging website when we can pen down our ideas and the best part to know is that its owned by Yahoo!! It is a mix of both blogging and social networking on a single site with a vast online community. Most of you would be amazed to know that this website is popular in countries like Spain, India, England & Australia where people love to spend time on social media. Here users post text, photos, as well as media items right from the dashboard. Tumblr is being in the best blogging site available on the web as stats shows that more than 375.5 million of blogs with over 555 million monthly visitors reads the content and sees photos.

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Top 4 Alternative of Tumblr

Here are some of the alternative to Social blogging website where you can spend time and make a lovable audience.

  • WordPress
    WordPress is one of the most out reached platform for blogging and website making that is dedicated all users who believe blogging is like a god. It is one of the open source, best and free content management system based on MySQL and PHP.

    Because of the customizable themes and mobile-ready designs and amazing plugins WordPress has taken the heart of many users. Prior to version 3 of WordPress supported one blog per installation but as it goes advance with time WordPress created a centralized maintainer, a single dashboard for each blogger.
  • Medium
    A multivalent online publishing platform that is owned by a Medium Corporation. The medium becomes very popular among users and becomes the popular blogging platform particularly in United States. Moreover, it is different from other platforms story published by writer connects with readers are shared here as well.

    Medium is an excellent platform for newbies who are good at writing but just looking for a platform. You can also import your posts and tags from other blogging platforms, follow your favorite authors, set up custom domains and much more.
  • PostHaven
    PostHaven sets up a blog for a long time where user pays a fee of $5 per month for a single user account and then create 10 blogs. However, I would advise everyone out there to ignore this services for SEO purposes because the services oath to last forever but the enjoyment of blogging is without using SEO. This blogging platform provides features like email notification, password-protected blogs, post document with video and audio content, and more.

    The bad part of this platform is that it doesn’t offer any trial account that means you have to start with the fee. Lastly, PostHaven is proprietary software, and cannot take advantage of the open support and plugins. But you get a very good feature on this platform as well.
  • LiveJournal

    LiveJournal is a Russian (originally American) social media platform with a reliable and flexible blogging action that is even the best alternative to Tumblr. Though it’s more used in Russia but famous bloggers in food, craft, style, and more can go through this platform. Inside the LiveJournal service, a large number of inbuilt tools and analytics help to track the visitor’s behavior. The good thing about this blogging platform is that they promote users to blog on their vast network which increases the chance of getting more visitors.

More or less as a newbie to blogging world you need to struggle but the struggle of this platform would even make you get better. Comment down to add your ideas as well.

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