Web Design: Freelance vs. Agency: Which is Better For Your Business?

Web-Design-ToolsA business’s website is an important part of their overall brand identity. Potential customers of all ages regularly conduct research on the Internet of a company before making a decision to use their services. This research includes visiting the company’s website.

As many businesses can attest to, designing a website can be a complicated and time-consuming process. One of the most common errors many new businesses make is to either not to have a website, or to quickly put something together that fails to help them stand out from the rest. Having no website — or a poorly designed one — is a surefire way of setting up a business for failure.

Designing and maintaining a website can be a time-consuming, ongoing process. Many businesses do not have a team of website designers on staff to perform these functions, and have come to recognize and appreciate the importance of web design as a necessary operating cost. Ensuring a quality web design can help cement online brand identity. Outsourcing this type of work has become a popular, viable, route for businesses.

There are two main options available to get the job done:

– Hire a freelancer specializing in web design.

– Employ the services of a web design agency.

Although both options may seem similar, there really are not. There are key differences between a freelancer who offers web design services and a web design agency that specializes in that discipline. It can be a difficult choice for a business to make.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Web Design Freelancer

Some businesses decide to hire a freelancer purely based on cost. Web designers that offer their services on a freelancer basis are typically individuals that are in business for themselves. They have lower operating costs and are more able to pass along these cost savings to a company considering employing their services.

Since the nation’s total unemployment rate remains high with some states still facing double digits levels of unemployment, businesses should be aware that some freelancers offering their services are not freelancers by nature. This new breed of freelancers that has cropped up may or may not satisfy your business needs.

For example, out of work Information Technology professionals, while proficient in many web applications, may not be as proficient in web design. Even if they are, this type of freelancer may not be experienced in all of the aspects needed to design an attractive, successful, optimized website. Great care are must be exercised to ensure that you find the best fit.


– Lower costs

– May find an excellent still yet unknown web designer

– Personalized attention


– Lack of experience.

– Problems meeting deadlines.

– Does not have the support system that agencies typically offer.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Web Design Agencies

Web design agencies are considered specialists in their field. Web design agencies like Perth Website Design typically spend time carefully scrutinizing potential contractors or employees beforehand to ensure that they can offer clients comprehensive web design services.

If you hire a plumber for your home that works for or is affiliated with a well-known company, you typically receive certain assurances as to what time the plumber will arrive and when the job will be completed. If you contract with a plumber that runs a one man operation, those types of promises made can be more challenging to fulfill since it’s a one-man operation.

Web design agencies are more in tune to this need and, in many cases, are better equipped to meet time frames promised. Should an unusual situation arise, established web design agencies like Perth Website Design can easily tap into a wide variety of resources in-house.

Web design agencies have the ability to help a business not only just starting out and designing their first website. They also offer services to help completely revamp a websites design, a task that might be too complicated for a freelancer if he or she does not that type of experience. Agencies are also typically more knowledgeable about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, which is an important yet time consuming, on-going project to help ensure a company’s visibility.


– Experience

– Proven track record

– The ability for to tap into company resources to ensure programming and design are optimized for maximum exposure and profitability


– Typically charge more than a freelancer does.

– May provide more of a corporate mentality rather than an individualized one.
– Potential for artistic differences.

A businesses online presence if done correctly, preferably from the onset, contributes to the overall potential success of any company. Therefore, the decision as to whether to employ a freelancer or web design agency like Perth Website Design should be comprehensively weighed out. All options should be carefully considered beforehand in order to provide businesses with the very best opportunity for success.

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