Ways To Ensure PC Efficiency

Your computer is probably your most important equipment for your business. If you are working as a freelancer, and your computer conks out, your entire business is at a standstill and your clients could get frustrated when they fail to get any online response from you. It is important that you always maintain your computer in tiptop shape. Otherwise, you have to have a back up device like a laptop or tablet to make sure that you accomplish all your tasks related to your work.

The good news is that maintaining your desktop computer isn’t all that hard. It doesn’t involve too much time, resources, or an IT expert to take care of your computer. Teach yourself some simple tricks below:


Think before you install – The more applications or softwares that you install in your computer, the slower your PC will run because installing softwares usually takes too much space in your hard drive. Even if you have upgraded your internet plan from your phone service provider, your PC will still be running slow unless you delete some unnecessary programs. Be mindful of what you download, some programs could be an open door for viruses and will cause your PC to crash. Install a few programs as possible.

Install the right software – Making sure your computer is safe from hackers is very important if you want to keep your data secure. Install very reliable antivirus software and a firewall software program.   These two critical programs, which you should regularly update, will safeguard your computer from digital vandals and keep your information safe.

Defrag your hard drive – If you have deleted a specific program from your hard drive, the hard drive then develops a gap that could be filled once you install a new program. If you have deleted a lot of programs, there will be many empty spaces that make your computer slow down. Defragment is the process of rearranging all of your files on your hard drive that eliminates gaps, thereby making your computer run more efficiently. Defragment schedule depends on your usage: monthly if you are a light user, weekly if you are a power user.

Clean up – Once a month, make it an effort to do a clean up. Vacuum your keyboard and the inside of your CPU not only to remove dust but also to regulate the temperature. Take notice of your cooling fans that are an integral part of the CPU as they are the parts that make sure everything is in working order. Replace fans when needed or you can even add more fans to help out those inside who might be overworked.

Dump programs that you don’t need. Every month, get an inventory of all programs on your computer and decide which needs to be deleted since they are rarely used. Clearing up space can give a significant boost to your computer’s speed. Make sure that you also empty your recycle bin regularly.

Update your operating system – Whether it is by Microsoft or Apple, make sure to perform automatic updates to guarantee your computer won’t be compromised by virus attacks and also ensure that all programs are operating efficiently.

Buy an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) – A UPS works like a standby generator. When power failure occurs, all information that you haven’t saved is lost or worse, some parts of your computer may be damaged. A UPS can keep your computer running even if there is a blackout; it may be in minutes or hours depending on the brand. They shield the computer from power surges or drops in the electricity like in a thunderstorm. They can be a little expensive, but just thinking about having to deal with crashed hard disks or fried motherboards, then this kind of is equipment is worthy of an investment.

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