VSAT Satellite Communications – New Era Of Technolog

VSAT_Blue_SkyAbbreviated as Very-Small-Aperture-Terminal (VSAT), is a satellite communication dish which receives data from geostationary satellites orbiting around the earth. They are controlled from remote earth stations which are connected through mesh networks. They are generally one of the most important technological machine in today’s era. These satellites frequency ranges from 5,925 to 11,700 KHz, and they send data ranging from 56 Kbps to 3 Mbps. Some common VSAT satellites are:

  1. Asiasat 3S
  2. Intelsat 903
  3. Panamsat
  4. Pak Sat
  5. Hot Bird

 Uses of VSAT Satellites

 These satellites are used for Distance Learning Programs (DIC), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Navigation services, broadcasting TV & Radio channels, Connecting bank branches with each other for ATM service.

 Importance of VSAT in Business World

 With these satellites the media world has touched the heights of success. We can see in our daily life the uses of wireless communications either it is a phone call or video call. All this became possible because of VSAT satellites. The TV channels are doing a great business in reaching their subscribers the best content. The subscriber has to buy a card to watch their favorite channel. Its business!

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use the same technology to deliver internet facility to its customers, the customer has to buy his bandwidth to use the internet. These bandwidths are provided from these satellites.


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