Vitamix 5200 Blender Reviews [Updated]

If you are planning to purchase a new blender then Vitamix 5200 could be the thing you are looking for. Blender is an essential kitchen appliance, especially who loves smoothies and soups. Vitamix 5200 is one of the longest-lasting blenders in the market which goes beyond just blending the ingredients.

The growing consumerism has led to the manufacturing of a variety of blenders creating difficulties for customers to choose the best one. This post will guide you about each and everything you must know before purchasing Vitamix 5200 so that you can choose the right blender. Here you will find the specifications, reviews, and benefits offered by this model.


Lets get through the features users can enjoy. These blenders are one of the most robust appliance you can find in the market. They are made out of solid construction coming with a 7 year warranty which can be extended to 10 years after paying a small fee. The coverage speaks for itself. It is a clear indication about durability of the product. They are built keeping in mind that it would be used repeatedly. The robustness allows you to make ice cream through this machine as well. You just have throw in ice cubes and other relevant ingredients. Mix them together and you will have your all-natural ice cream ready.

The blender is not just for liquids. It can even be used for solid ingredients like dry roasted peanuts. Put handful of peanuts and try to blend then. Within minutes  you will be able to create peanut butter which is healthier than ones sold at stores. It will be free of artificial additions.

The built-in cooling fan is another feature to be proud about. This will make sure that the unit does not burn out. When stirring hot foods, there is a tendency of the unit wearing out. Cooling unit ensures fool-proof protection. This also helps you to save time by not stopping between different smoothies. Everyone in the family can enjoy food at the same time now.

The 2-peak horsepower makes it a sturdy machine. The machine operates on 11.5-amp motor which is a pretty tough one. This power enables you to make creamiest smoothies without chunks of ingredients. Such powerful machine allows you to crush whatever you want to.

The model also comes with BPA-free pitcher which has a capacity of 64 ounces. This specific package also includes a tamper tool. This will be helpful if you include thicker ingredients. You can easily push down the ingredients into the blades using this tool.

Vitamix 5200 also allows you to speed up the machine’s power using a dial interface. This makes the machine more versatile and diverse in nature.

Benefits of using it

Vitamix blender comes with innumerable benefits. Obviously this is a good news for all the chef out there especially those using blenders frequently. The machine makes commercial blending an easy task. It is said that the blade spins around at 37,000 revolutions per minute. Obviously this is a lot. This makes the machine a superior performer which is further supplemented by a tamper as mentioned earlier.

Best benefit offered by this blender is that you can blend each and everything. Many juice bars all over the world are using Vitamix because of the quality it offers. Heat resistance and the high durability makes it an exception. You can grind nuts into flour within minutes. It is much more than a blender. You can even use it as a food processor or a chopper.

The machine will encourage you to be healthy. Our routines are getting tougher and maintaining a healthy diet is difficult as well as important. If you make Vitamix your best friend, eating healthy will get easier. You can blend and process your food into desired salads, soups or meals within no time. It also provides you a free recipe book which is further a source of inspiration. So now it’s time to get motivated.

Initiating blending with Vitamix may not seem easy in the start, but it has got all the resources. The machine comes with a manual which will instruct you regarding overviews of machine and its components. It will guide you through the cleaning process in detail as well. The recipes section is an add on. The cooking class DVD is also of immense importance if you love cooking.

The machine is very easy to operate. You just have to familiarize yourself with the features mentioned above. It is super easy to use. You are even assisted by the manual so what are you worrying about? Furthermore it is easy to clean up as well. Everyone hates cleaning up the blender after you are done with it. The food gets stuck in the blade. It is pretty annoying. Well, cleaning Vitamix is easy.

Our lives are getting busier. This machine is great for the busy world we live in today. We already discussed above that how the appliance works more than a blender. If you blend for an extended time, you can even cook soups and other things. Such is the multi-functionality of it. The temperature will be determined by the length of blending process. The heating will come from quicker rotations of the blade. Just enter raw vegetables and water. They will transform into soup within four minutes.

These were just few of them. The possibilities are countless. In the end, blending experience gets better and better.

Models of Vitamix 5200

There are four versions in the range. The blender packages are manufactured to meet the demands of user. The features above mentioned are present in all of the models named standard, deluxe, super and compact. Here is an outline of three of the versions:

  • Super Package: This package is specifically designed for people with special diets. Along with the basic items, the package even contains a 32 oz Vitamin dry grain blender and a whole grain cookbook. The grain container allows you to make your own rice, oats and nut flours.
  • Deluxe Kitchen Set: The deluxe set comes with additional features like a 32 oz compact blender, flexible cutting boards and an extra mini tamper.
  • Compact: It is similar like a normal package but comes with a small container instead of standard one. It can easily fit under most of the kitchen cabinets.

Usage of Vitamix 5200

The versatility this blending system offers is incredible. Being one of the most powerful blenders in the market, you can make plethora of things out of it. It is a highly flexible and adaptable machine. There are few things that you cannot make out of it but still you have a wide range of options. Here is a list of things that you can make out of the machine:

  • Smoothies
  • Soups
  • Nut butters
  • Crushed ice
  • Juices and much more.

Once you know what you want to make out of the blender, you must know how to use the blender. You have many options to learn how to use the blender. As we know the blender comes with an instruction manual, it is the primary source for learning the machine. There are step-by-step instructions that will guide you in a detailed manner. There are other mediums for instructions as well. There is a wide range of videos on the Internet that can give you commands on how to make a drink. These videos can provide you helpful insights into the usage of machines.

However, there are sometimes questions arising regarding functionality of the machine in one specific regards. Can it make soup? And the answer is an absolute affirmative. We have mentioned earlier as well that soup is one of the things that Vitamix 5200 is able to make. You can for sure cook soup with your blender. The powerful blenders can make soup within no time.

Additional information

Most of the traditional blenders come with ‘pulse’ function, but this feature is missing when it comes to Vitamix. But this function can be performed by fluctuating the settings once. Switch the machine to the first setting quickly and shut it back off. This will help you keep better control on the mixing function.

When it comes to the weight of Vitamix 5200, it is a relatively heavier model but indicates the strength and power of the machine. So Vitamix 5200 is an ideal smoothie maker. But the juicer is not good at separating pulp from the juice.


Going through reviews can make your decisions better informed. One must make sure you go through reviews online and make comparisons to acquire an overall better product value. When it comes to buying this blender, the reviews are a general reflection of positivity. But nothing can be perfect. Here we will discuss the actual experience of customers and which aspects of the blender have managed to satisfied and disappoint the customers.

  • The good

When we look across the web, the reviews for Vitamix 5200 are generally good. Rating for this model across all websites is at least four out of five. The rating is a clear indication of the quality this product tends to offer. The average score is higher than almost all other blenders out there in the market. But what is the attraction point along with all the features and benefits listed above?

Versatility, as mentioned earlier, is the attraction factor. Customers are happy with the flexibility and adaptability the product has reserved for the users. The fact that at one point you can make soup and just after a minute you can use it to make smoothie increase its appeal. The customer reviews in this regards are perfect. Product is easy to use as well which draws customer’s attention.

Customer service is an important aspect when it comes to operation of businesses. All businesses want to serve their customers in an orderly condition. In fact all the customers want to get served and feel honored. Vitamx 5200 is very particular about it. The company has provided great customer support even for the users buying earlier blenders. Customers are happy with the support provided in cases where unwanted technicalities are involved.

  • The bad

Downsides are inherent whatever product you buy. It is nearly impossible to satisfy each and every thing. Here is an example. Vitamix 5200 offers ultra-strength and is a highly powerful produt which allows you to blend no matter how tough the ingredients are. But this makes the product noisy. Users have complained about the noise this blender creates.If you are ready to compromise on the noisiness produced, this product is an ideal choice for you.

Another downside that one might take into account is the fixed blades. Blades in this blender are fixed and cannot be removed. This results into further problems. If you are blending in vegetables, some of them might stick into the blades making it difficult to get all of the food out. Vitamix have special equipment designed to get in the blades but still the issue remains with thicker food items.

Price is undoubtedly the biggest disadvantage. It is not cheap at all. But it is one time investment bearing in mind the durability it offers. If you are planning to make smoothies in long term then this is an absolute choice. Still, the initial cost is high.

The height of this model is an issue as well. The container is 20.5 inches which will not fit under most of the kitchen cabinets until and unless you remove the container. This requires extra effort. Nevertheless, company has remedied this situation with other compact models.


Obviously, there are disadvantages associated with Vitamix 5200 but that does not mean it is not a valuable addition to your household. Many customers have bought the product and it continues to serve them for ages. Company has a great reputation for making quality kitchen appliances. Even though these blenders appear to be expensive, consider it as an investment which will surely pay you back in the long run.

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