Use Your Smartphone Wisely

From the humble handset that looked like it’s been ripped off from the typical telephone, the technology of the mobile phones has become more advanced. Now, wherever you look, there seems to be someone carrying a smartphone. What is so special with the smartphone? Aside from just helping you browse the internet like you would in a typical PC, the smartphone also allows you to make voice calls and video calls via the internet. This is why there are more mortar and brick businesses and online businesses that are subscribing to RingCentral business telephone services because not only do you get a toll-free number on a very affordable price, but you also get the best VoIP services.


For those who are planning to buy a smartphone, here are some words of wisdom on how you will be able to use your smartphone wisely:

Determine what your smartphone’s use will be

What is the purpose of having a smartphone? Is it for you to do email checking and making voice calls regularly? If these are what the main functions of your smartphone will be, then make sure that your handset has a good camera, preferably more than 3 megapixels and choose one with a front facing camera too. Having a larger screen should be your preference too. There are budget handsets that would cost about $240 to $290 that have about 4 inches of screen size. The last thing you’d want to do is to hurt your eyes if you’re going to do plenty of reading.

Keep in touch in a better fashion

Never forget that internet access is the greatest asset of your handset. You can receive and reply to emails anywhere you are. Having mobile internet is very affordable. Instant messaging is also something that you can do too. If you don’t have internet access, you can choose to have voice messaging. It’s simple – just record your messages and store it in your mobile phone. Once you have internet access, you can send your voice message as an email attachment or as a file to Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk…or perhaps to the paid VoIP platform where you are subscribed to.

Use apps wisely

There are many Apps to choose from. It would be good to purchase a smartphone that is powered by Android or the iOS because the Google Play Store and iTunes has about 700,000 apps for you to choose from. BlackBerry mobile and Nokia doesn’t have that much access to apps. They have the most useful ones though. Make sure that you have the GPS apps and Maps on your phone. For those who are using their smartphones like a personal secretary, then make sure that you get an App to help you organize stuff. There are also Apps that help you create and edit MS Word on your smartphone. All it takes is a bit of online research and you will find the best Apps to suit your needs.

Saving pertinent documents

It cannot be denied that the smartphone was created for those who need a smaller gadget for work purposes in mind. Therefore, if you are using your smartphone as a business gadget, then you should make sure that you have an online storage system and a backup storage system. There are mobile handsets that have expandable memory, and can hold a surprisingly large data at 64 GB. You should also have SD cards, the mini SD cards for your phones. and are great online storage systems that works surprisingly well on your smartphones.

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