Use Technology to Attract Success – Build Your Online Reputation

Whether you’re working in a certain industry, or earning a living from your own business, the one thing that you should work on is your name and reputation. When your colleagues, clients, and other people in your circle of influence trust you, opportunities are bottomless and more doors are likely to open. In the end, trust drives success. Trust attracts success.

How then can you build a good name and reputation in today’s digital and interconnected world? While you do your best to achieve good public relations in the real world, you also have to consider your online image and reputation.

online reputation

With even more ways to connect – from social media like Facebook and Twitter, to RingCentral’s VoIP services, Skype, as well as the regular chat, email, and blog – there are many things to watch out for, as what you say and post online can be re-posted and re-blogged, and even quoted offline.

The bottomline is, be careful about what you send out to the Internet, because it will surely come back to haunt you.

The good news is, if you’ve been prudent with your online behavior and have created many online friends, followers, links, and subscribers, then your brand is likely to have many happy returns.

Some tips to jumpstart your path to success through your online actions:

Create excellent content. Just because it’s not printed doesn’t mean you can be sloppy. When you write something and post it online, you still need to follow the rules of writing and composition, as well as grammar, particularly subject and verb agreements.

Don’t post something just because. You want to be perceived as a reliable source of information, so your priority is to delight your readers with interesting content that will be relevant to them. It will help if it’s for personal and professional growth, if you can manage it.

Valuable and unique content is your key to create more links back to you, so work on it and do it well. Excellence, as they say, is not an act but a habit. These things transcend nationalities and geographical locations. If you post something that resonates well with people, then your followers will not just be locals, they can be from anywhere!

Once you have established your credibility, it is easy to ask people you know to link to give you good online reviews and referrals. Ask them to also use your target keywords to link to your site. If you have established your trustworthiness, tapping into your network of partners, suppliers, colleagues, customers, and even family, friends, and friends of friends will be a cinch.

Another way to earn online trust is when you offer to write guest posts in similar industry blogs. This shows you are willing to share what you know for the greater good of all or something to that effect. Don’t expect that you will be invited to do this; it is up to you to reach out.

You can start reaching out by making insightful replies to online forums related to your expertise or field, or when you make substantial comments to your target blogs.

Lastly, be useful. Make yourself useful. Teach something useful in your blog, website, or whatever content you post online. If people learn something new from you, or if you have given them a solution as well as answers to their questions, then you’re on the right track.

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