Use Social Networking Sites Responsibly

The hype of social networking sites is ongoing. And I’m sure, you are one of those people who can’t help but post a new photo. But do you know that a lot of us are abusing these sites? These people can really get into my nerves. They are totally taking advantage of social networking sites. You might want to know what are the signs of these abusive users. I’m going to share it with you in this article. You’ll be surprised that you know someone who’s an abuser too.


They use Social Networking sites to Demoralize another Person: 
I know that you can practice freedom of speech. But of course, there should be a limitation to that. You should never use social networking sites to shell out your rants. And you shouldn’t publicize your ‘battles’. These sites are made to get people closer, not to destroy them. So if you have grudges, don’t open your accounts. It would be safe to just write it down on your personal diary.

They Share Inappropriate Videos:
These people are very unethical. You don’t put censored videos in sites where kids can easily access it. For me, they just want to seek attention. As for you, you can block them and report these folks as spammers.

They use their Social Networking Friends for Bad Money – Making Purposes:
They will pose as your friend and after quite some time, they will ask money from you. You have to be very careful about this. Make sure that you will add people who are close to you. If you think that they have a different motive, stop communicating with them. After all, you can always hit the block button.  

They Look for Partners Desperately:
These folks will post sexy photos of themselves even if they are not. They are looking for other people to be with them. To be honest, they are irritating. If you know someone who’s like this, you have to confront them and say that it’s not good. Of course, you have to be polite. Otherwise, they might get offended.

If you think that you are one of these abusive users of social networking sites, you have to change your act. Limit your usage and stick with good vibe statuses. Don’t let anyone get annoyed by your online activities. It will never do you any good. If you are responsible in using your accounts, you can gain more friends.


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