Unlocking the Potential of Social Bookmarking

imagesPeople in every niche are using social bookmarking and news sites to share content and find things of interest. Most online marketers and businesses with an online presence need to use some form of social media, and bookmarking as well as social news activities can be one of them. The benefits of this include learning about your target market, building a reputation, and establishing relationships with customers and industry professionals.

What is social bookmarking?

Essentially, social bookmarking is a web-based way for people to keep track of things they like and enjoy. This could be sites, videos and other content. Using social bookmarking is also an easy way for people to share what they find and interact with others. With so many people using these sites, they offer the chance to get your sites and products noticed by many thousands of people.

Using bookmarking to create a social buzz

While there are a great number of people using such sites, there is also a lot of content that you need to rise above. Only by standing out can you leverage the network to build an image and boost your content to give it more visitors as well as a search engine optimization (SEO) boost.

The goal should be to start a buzz on your content to make it stand out. This can be done in a number of ways to include building a lot of bookmarks and votes or likes. As the number of times your site has been bookmarked, liked or voted for increases, it tends to move up the ladder and receives even more attention. This leads to more votes and bookmarks, repeating the cycle.

How to create the proper conditions for a buzz

Start out by carefully choosing a few social sites. These should be places where your particular niche or topic area is regularly discussed. Complete the profile and then start to participate in discussions. Comment on other content and discussions, vote and friend other users. Always strive to provide real value and be an essential part of the community. As you are doing this, study what people like within the niche.

When creating your own content to use for promotional purposes, make sure that it stands out in some way. This could mean informing, amusing or surprising your target audience. Share this content with an attention grabbing headline and motivating description. Now, promote these links on other social networks. Understand that this type of promotion will usually require a consistent effort and repeated attempts. The more it is done, the better you will become.

Engage followers and fans

When done right, you should begin to generate both followers and fans from these social media activities. Apart from providing engaging content, the best method for truly leveraging these sites is to actively engage the people who are listening to and reading what you are sharing. Think of these connections as new opportunities to help build your brand or make your site much more popular with their visits and referrals.

Using automation

Many users of social media often do too little on too many networks or try to rely entirely on automation. While automation has its place, there is still not substitute for getting involved personally. Use software to boost what you have done. For example, using software can help to create multiple accounts and vote up your own sites and socially shared content. One of the best in this regard is Synnd, short for Social Media Syndication.

Another way to make automation work for you is to be sure that all sites have social bookmarking toolbars. These include icons for a number of popular social sites and make it easy for a reader to click a button and share your content with their social networks.

In conclusion

Having an active social media presence is a great way to promote your site. Making sure to set the proper conditions and keeping your content focused will also ensure that you stay relevant. Ultimately, remember that this content is created for real people to read and interact with. Produce great content that helps people, offers true value, and you will find your site may be inundated with new followers, fans and customers.

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