5 Best Tripod for DSLR [Buying Guide]

In today’s world, the most adventurous thing to do for people is tracking and most of the people go to tracking with their family, friends. While people go to a track, they take food like Salmon, Chicken, Beef, and various kinds of Veggies; clothing, tents, camera. But the most important they always forgot to take is a tripod of DSLR camera. Now, you must be thinking about why it is essential?

It is essential because we are there to relax and capture the beauty of nature if we are not carrying the best tripods, capturing the best shots that will always remain with us in the form of pictures as memories.

Today, I am here with 5 Best Tripod for DSLR that you should buy when you are going for tracking. So, let’s the best tripods.

1)  Manfrotto 190XPro4

Manfrotto 190XPro4 tripod is one of the best tripods for DSLR that is rigid and sturdy for tracking made with a rock-solid XPro ball head. The material which is used to make this tripod is Aluminum and it has four legs. The weight of this tripod is around 2.6 kg; height is 175cm.

The key points why you should buy Manfrotto 190XPro4 are it is Bubble level on the center column, Rotate freely to capture new angles. But there are some disadvantages also it is Quite bulky when folded, Lacks swing-up legs.

Manfrotto’s best series of a tripod is 190, which uses twist locks for the leg sections. It has three-section aluminum legs, with XPro heads of either 3-way or ball design.

In the latest version of a tripod, the 90-degree pivot facility is quicker and more comfortable and it can enable you to swap to horizontal boom mode in just a few seconds. The best thing has the improved four-way leg lock system.

2)  ZOMEI Z699C Carbon Fiber Tripod

ZOMEI Z699C Carbon Fiber Tripod is best because it is an affordable carbon fiber DSLE tripod.

The advantage of carbon fiber is that it is made up of metal-carbon composite construction compared with Aluminum. It is one of the lighter tripods and it reduces vibration in the tripod by hanging something over with the camera bag. In short, it is best because it has all the features you want and it is the best lighter tripod.

3)  Vanguard Veo 2 Go 265HCBM

Vanguard Veo 2 Go 265HCBM is best because it is an excellent combination of weight, price, size, and height. It has carbon fiber, and its height is 166.5cm; the weight of this tripod is 1.4kg. The feet of its legs are made of rubber pads, spikes with five legs.

The latest version of this tripod is the latest Vanguard travel tripod design version and it is lightweight. Most people like Vanguard Veo 2 Go 265HCBM because of its lightweight, neat design, simple operation, and in this tripod, you will find a removable monopod leg that is considered best for DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

4) Legged Thing Leo 2.0 + AirHead Pro Lever kit

3 Legged Thing Leo 2.0 + AirHead Pro Lever kit is considered best for DSLR’sDSLR because it is small and mighty. It has Leo 2.0 cool features. It is made up of carbon fiber, its height is 147cm, and its weight is 1.85kg. It is not the ordinary tripod because it folds down to 35cm in length but opens out to offer a maximum height of 146cm. This tripod has a detachable monopod leg, which is further used as a microphone or camera boom, an innovative two-section center column.

5) Sirui NT-1005X/E-10

Sirui NT-1005X/E-10 is the best compact carriage compact made up of ultra-compact Sirui and the material used to make this tripod is Aluminum. The weight of this tripod is 1.44kg and its height is 150 cm.

This is the best tripod I use and the thing that attracted me is that it is designed to be as small as possible. It is featuring five-section legs with a swing-up facility but also incorporating a two-section extending center column.

The result is a generally adequate maximum operating height of 150cm and an incredibly small folded height of 36cm. That’s only about half the folded height of the Manfrotto 290 kit. And despite its aluminum build, the Sirui is only 10g more massive than the Novo carbon kit. It is rigid and steady at maximum operating height. It is also available in three locking leg angles. It is easy and quick from the non-slip feet to the ball head with its Arca-Swiss compatible. It is ultra-compact carriage high on your priority list; the Sirui is a very desirable tripod indeed.

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