Top Ways to Relax and Unwind Online

These days stress seems to be a part of modern life.  My days are so busy with both work and family commitments I do find it difficult to unwind.  I know that increasingly levels of stress and frustration take their toll on both my mental and physical health. This is why I try to take time out each day to relax and work towards a calmer, less frantic pace.


I am sure many people like me find that computers can contribute to tension and stress.  I use computers for a big percentage of both my working and leisure time. Using a computer can be very inactive on the body and there are times when trying to achieve what you want, is incredibly frustrating.

However recently I have discovered some great ways in which my computer can actually help me to de-stress.  Some of these techniques really work for me so I encourage you to try one or two for yourself.  Even taking 10 minutes out of your day to unwind can really benefit your state of mind and can even improve your productivity.

Nature Noises

I love nature and spend a lot of my free time out and about going for walks and cycling.  When I am cooped up at work I do often look longingly out of the window wishing I could be out enjoying the fresh air.

  • The next best thing to actually doing this I have found is to listen to natural sounds online.
  • The Internet (YouTube for example) is full of incredibly relaxing natural music and sounds such as rainforest animals, forest birds, ocean waves and more.
  • I personally find the sounds of a thunderstorm very relaxing and often stick my headphones on for 10 minutes and just sit and relax whilst listening to the swell and ebb of the storm.
  • As soon as I start listening to relaxing music or nature sounds I start to feel calmer and this can make all the difference to my day.
  • I have also downloaded some natural sounds and find them very helpful if I have trouble getting to sleep at night.


A great way to de-stress I find is to have a laugh.  This is a good way to release tension that has built up during the day.  One of my favourite things to do is look up funny TV programs, films and recordings online.  Even just a short clip of my favourite comedians in action is enough to lighten the mood.  I often watch funny TV programs online in the evenings and this really does take the edge of a stressful day and put me in a much better mood.

Online Gaming

I am new to online gaming and wish I had discovered it sooner.  This is a great way to relax your mind for a few moments when you are working on your computer.  I finish up a project and then spend a few minutes playing some fun games.  There are plenty of free play games online so you don’t have to worry about spending any money to play online.

There are so many great games to choose from you should be able to find the perfect play for you whether you like card games or fully immersed virtual worlds.   I find that strategy games can be the best way to force your mind to stop worrying and to calm down.  After playing a few intense games I do feel much calmer and able to approach work again with fresh eyes.

There are some great ways to relax and unwind online.  Playing poker with Poker is a fun way to take time out in your day and relax your brain with some fun online game.