Top 7 Tablets Under $300

The tablet market is incredibly saturated right now and knowing which tablets to purchase can be quite a challenge given the overwhelming number of options available.

If you’re looking for a new tablet, but short on funds, you will be pleased to know that you can find powerful small tablets that are affordable and within your budget. There are also 2-in-1 devices that can help you perform at your best.

Here are some tips on how to pick the best tablet for you as well as the top 7 tablets that will help maximize your performance at work and at home.

Where To Use A Tablet?

Productivity/Business:If you are going to use your tablet as a laptop, you need a full sized tablet and an external keyboard.

Gaming: Pick a tablet that will let you download the games that you want without restriction.

Kids and Families: When you share your tablet to your family, the first thing you need to think about is how to prevent your kids from inappropriate content. Get a tablet that has sophisticated parental controls.

Media Consumption: For TV and movie buffs, get a tablet that has a good color display and is lightweight so that you can carry it around wherever you go.

Here are 7 fantastic options for under $300

  1. Kindle Fire HD 10

Kindle Fire tablets, launched by Amazon which is perfect for all the things that you need. The Kindle has a 10.1 HD Display that is perfect for movies and gaming. If you want to talk to Amazon support, there is a “Mayday” button where you can talk to them for free 365 days, 24/7. It only weighs 15 ounces and is best to be used by your family. The new fire costs just $50, so it’s got to be high on the list of best low cost tablet options.

  1. Dell Venue 8 Pro

Dell produces laptops. Their Venue 8 Pro tablet has a very tough and sharp multi-touch screen display. It has a rear camera as well as front camera which are perfect for capturing special moments. You can connect your thumb drive because of the included memory card slots. The battery is long lasting which is perfect for long travels. You can connect a keyboard and external mouse. It also comes with Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.

  1. Lenovo IdeaTabMiix 2

Lenovo has a great reputation for producing high quality tablets. ranked two Lenovo products in their 2015 best business tablet list. This tablet is perfect for those people who like to combine play and work. Small powerful speakers and shaper display makes watching movies and gaming more realistic and exciting. Its stylish looks and portable design makes it eye catching when you are out in public. It has a Windows 8.1 OS so you can create presentations and edit documents on the go. MS Office is pre-installed in this tablet. Its battery will last up to 10 hours which is great for working in the office and letting your kids borrow your tablet.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung is one of the leading brands when it comes to smartphones. When Samsung delivers products, they are usually of the best quality. This tablet is lightweight and has a sleek design. Its vivid high resolution display is perfect for reading ebooks under the sunlight. Android 4.4 Kitkat is its processor which enables easy multi-tasking. You can expand your memory card from 64 GB because of the built in Micro SD. There is also a feature where you can switch the tablet to kid’s mode to prevent them from messing your data.

  1. Nexus 7 from Asus

Nexus is a Google company so you will definitely see android processor in this tablet. Asus is one of the best computer hardware manufacturing all over the world. Nexus 7 is perfect for kids because it is handy, lightweight and has a good design. Most games and apps can be downloaded here which kids will love. Video watching is also great here to do.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

To help increase your productivity, Samsung created a new tablet. It will give you multi-tasking abilities that are fast enough to get your work done. There are apps that are pre-installed to help you with taking notes and creating to do lists. You can also store important data without the possibility of trespassing here. Perfect for businesses and enterprises.

  1. Dragon Touch Y88X Plus

You can rely on the Dragon Touch to have a fluid and ultrafast performance due to its Quad Core A33. Leading tablet reviews website rates this one of the best low-budget options on the market. It has an 8 GB memory and has a KitKat 4.4 OS processor. It is best to bring when travelling. You can also take stunning videos and photos because of the SmartColor technology.

Wrapping Up

Pick the perfect tablet that is good for your budget and needs. Think about its functionality and where you are going to use it. Go for something that will stand the test and can handle all of your requirements. These tablets are top of the line and will help you get the job done.

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