Top 7 reasons to Switch to iManage WorkSite

Autonomy iManage can be termed as the most intuitive, simplistic and beneficial document management solution available in the market. iManage Worksite Tool allows quick, apt, efficient and easy document management including emails. iManage Desksite effectively lets companies to:

  • Add new documents
  • Organize data/documents into logical structures
  • Secure documents from unauthorized access
  • Locate and retrieve the documents quickly and conveniently

It is not a very wise strategy to outsource the company’s backups, filing, record or document control and/or management software individually to an IT firm to ensure security of data when you can get everything in one package. iManage Worksite is certainly the perfect solution if you receive large number of emails, faxes and need to quickly access stacks of documents with few mouse clicks daily.

These top 7 reasons will definitely help you better understand why you need to switch to iManage tool of document management:

  1. Access data anywhere using iManage Desksite:

iManage Worksite helps you connect to the server from any remote place simply by installing iManage Desksite on computer.

  1. Worksite tool makes dealing with documents sleek and simple:

iManage worksite tool is a centralized document repository that archives your data into electronic format and categorizes the documents according to subjects, projects and clients. This categorization is later cascaded via metadata into designated files and organized into specific areas known as Workspaces. Any further changes or versions of files go through the same categorization process and you can track all of this activity through an audit trail. Thus, handling documents becomes convenient for end users and controllable for IT managers.

  1. Unicode Support makes it User-Friendly:

This means the iManage tool is well-equipped and allows you to view data, folders, emails and documents, etc., in various languages. Supporting multiple languages makes iManage Desksite ideal for multicultural setting within an organization.

  1. Encryption:

The iManage Tool is highly reliable for sharing documents securely between employees even in distant geographical locations because it offers enhanced encrypted document management.

  1. Hybrid Security:

The new version of iManage Worksite offers a new security model called Hybrid Security, which is ideal for organizations requiring application of a blacklist ethical screen. Using this feature you can set ‘Deny’ for some people and leave the standard default security for all other employees.

  1. Cost-effective Solution:

iManage Worksite is a very cost-effective service since you don’t need to invest a lot in the hardware. Installing and managing all iManage services on Cloud is also possible.

  1. Versatility and Flexibility:

With iManage tool and services you can securely store and access all your electronic documents across various platforms as it integrates with MS Office and all email clients.