Top 7 Penguin Penalty Removal Techniques

Earlier this year, Google rolled out another Penguin update, which was designed to target webspam by attacking low quality link building. While many webmasters were hit hard by the Penguin updates over the years, this past algorithm update left many businesses worried about the lasting damage to their rankings because this latest Penguin update is a real-time update.

Fortunately, there are ways to remove a Google Penguin penalty so that you can restore your search rankings. Here are the top 7 Penguin penalty removal techniques that you can use to restore your search rankings if you have been hit by a Google Penguin penalty.

  1. Get rid of “unnatural”/low quality links.

Most people who have experienced a Penguin penalty have been hit because they bought links from blog networks and link farms. If you didn’t do any link building directly, it was probably the result of hiring an SEO that uses black-hat techniques. If you want to recover your website, you will need to disavow the low quality links and stop using websites that create unnatural links as a part of your link building strategy.

  1. Use a link analysis tool.

If you are not sure where the bad links are coming from, you should use a link analysis tool to investigate your links. After doing some deep investigation, you should be able to determine where the low quality links are coming from.

  1. Do manual outreach.

If a manual penalty has been issued against your site, you will need to provide documentation to Google that shows that you have reached out to sites to try to attempt to have the bad links removed. Reach out to the site owners directly and ask to have the links removed.

  1. Take a look at your anchor text links.

The Penguin algorithm relies on anchor text to determine whether or not links are natural. By examining your anchor text profile, you can identify which anchor text links look like spam. Spammy anchor text links are links that all come from a single source or a source that contains content that is not at all related to the keywords found in the anchor text.

  1. Start following Google’s quality guidelines.

If you have not paid attention lately to Google’s quality guidelines, review them before you make any additional updates to your website. While Google has always emphasized that it prefers quality websites, the rules are always changing when it comes to the factors that might specifically trigger a Google penalty. Even if you did your best to follow Google’s quality guidelines, you might have still been hit with a Penguin penalty if you have not kept up with these changes.

  1. Make sure that it is actually a Penguin penalty.

There are many Google algorithm updates that could cause significant loss of traffic to your website. For this tip, you may actually have to hire an SEO to help you investigate so that you can determine what happened to your website. Make sure to also rule out any potential technical errors with your website that could have resulted in the traffic loss.

  1. Keep track of your efforts.

Recovering from a Penguin penalty is a tough job. As a result, you will need to keep track of your efforts as you eliminate the unnatural/low quality backlinks and add new better quality links. If you have thousands of links to your website, keeping track of the links with software is the best course of action to help you stay on top of your recovery efforts.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to recover from a Google Penguin penalty, you can dramatically improve your chances at success. While your experience may vary with Penguin penalty removal, any success should help you to feel more confident that you will be able to restore your search rankings. To help you stay motivated as you repair your search rankings, just keep in mind that every change that you make brings your website closer to what Google wants and the white-hat SEO techniques that you should have used all along!


Brian Hong

Infintech Designs is a New Orleans based SEO & Web Design company.  They provide data driven, measurable internet marketing campaigns with trackable results.  Brian Hong and his small team of SEO ninjas are dedicated to increasing their client’s search engine visibility, leads, and sales online.